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Dec 13, 2012



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22 thoughts on “Charity Hoohoo as Tony Abbott in The Strawberry Farm

  1. drmick

    Thats a nasty looking Strawberry you have there. I will give you some cream to put on that.

  2. zut alors

    Following the verdict what tune is Ashby now singing – ‘The Man That Got Away’?

  3. klewso

    Shouldn’t that be “Anton Shuckoff”?

  4. Holden Back

    Clearly, directed by Roger de Bris.

  5. klewso

    And all proudly sponsored by “Brandis X – Attorney’s at Lore and Ambulance Exhausts”?

  6. Freja

    You had me from “Dolores Lady-Garden”. First Dog, I love you.

  7. klewso

    I thought the original tune they had for Ashby was all Right?
    [Let me take you down,
    ‘cos I’m going to Strawberry Feels.
    Nothing is real and nothing too well hungabout.
    Strawberry Feels forever.

    Living’s uneasy with flies closed,
    misunderstanding all you see.
    It’s getting hard to be someone but it all comes out,
    I don’t matter much to them ……]

  8. Holden Back

    I’ve always though Charity Fuchs would be a great name for a drag queen.

  9. Andybob

    I’m sure I’ve seen the Muck Raking Drongos in another longrunning show this year.

  10. Gibbo

    Delores Lady-Garden – I think I met her in seedy club somewhere

  11. Holden Back

    Now Baroness Gardner of Parkes?

  12. zut alors

    Andybob, the Muck Raking Drongos have been honing their act all year and it appears they’re heavily booked for sellout performances in 2013.

  13. ernmalleyscat

    “I was a patsy in their plan,
    Now they say it’s me what done it.
    I’m labelled a vexatious man,
    The bad strawberry in the punnet,
    I wish I was loved and had fans,
    Like an endangered fat-tailed dunnart.
    But like all the rest of this gang,
    I’m not a mussel I’m a cun ‘t.

  14. drmick

    Gibbo; it wasn’t the Harboard Diggers was it?

  15. Andybob

    Very nice Ern. An excerpt from the little performed second act of ‘Trial by Jury’ ? Somehow I can’t see the Judge offering to marry the Plaintiff.

  16. TheFamousEccles

    @ EMC – that bit of verse made me giggle, and now my co-workers are cranky @ me ‘coz I won’t show them my phone or the reason for my mirth, therein, because I know they wouldn’t geddit. Happy now, hmm?

  17. drovers cat

    emc – world class.
    Dunnit, punnet … dunnart!
    pat, ear scratch, treat … you deserve it

  18. Steve777

    “I’m sure I’ve seen the Muck Raking Drongos in another longrunning show this year”

    They’re also known as the Federal Opposition.

  19. Andrew L

    Oh Mr Firsty! The Peoples’ Poet! (jeez, hope I got the apostrophe thingy in the right place)

  20. Andybob

    Klewso yours just came out of moderation for me, but it was worth the wait.

  21. ernmalleyscat

    ta Andybob, Eccles and the other cat

  22. Holden Back

    Julie Bishop revealed last night talking with La Crabb that she grew up on a Cherry Orchard, had Three Sisters, not sure if she had an Uncle Vanya, but perhaps we should start referring to her as The Seagull.


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