Dec 12, 2012

Protectionism, free trade and security up in the cloud

The US Ambassador's rallying cry against "data protectionism" reflects US hopes for the Trans-Pacific Partnership. Plus, it says a lot about the future of cloud computing.

Bernard Keane — Politics editor

Bernard Keane

Politics editor

It was a peculiar piece, out of the blue, from Washington’s man in Australia: yesterday, Fairfax ran an op-ed from US Ambassador Jeff Bleich about “cloud protectionism” and why it was important that the Trans-Pacific Partnership negotiation currently underway (this week, in Auckland) pave the way for the removal of restrictions on movement of data across borders:

“Like people who once thought keeping their money hidden under the mattress was better than having it in a bank, some voices across the region, and even in Australia, have called for limiting the flow of data across borders, and requiring firms to install local data centres in each market to ensure local ‘control’. This ‘beggar thy neighbour’ protectionism would be just as self-defeating in the digital economy as in every other sector.”

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One thought on “Protectionism, free trade and security up in the cloud

  1. robinw

    I read that too with the same objections. It appears that the US is trying to play us as suckers by having us believe that the data in the ‘cloud’ will be sacrosanct. The truth is that those who control the cloud servers control that data, no matter how pure their intentions are and because of that control can be wrested away from them either publicly or secretly at the drop of a hat. Therefore the simple analogy of keeping your data under the mattress is the correct way to go, especially for anyone with something they want to keep secret.

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