Dec 12, 2012

Media briefs: Planet Janet … ABC Twitter gaffe … eat pineapples …

Janet Albrechtsen is joining Insiders next year, but she thinks it's a decade too late. Also: a fruity media release and an ABC Twitter fail.

Janet Albrechtsen’s long wait. We used to joke that an anthology could be made of The Australian's attacks on the ABC. That time has long passed. The project would now be multi-volume, with one tome given over specifically to lame and own-goal attacks on Auntie. Now joining that stocking-stuffer of the future is Planet Janet Albrechtsen. The opening gambit of her latest attack? The ABC has a bias because Insiders has taken 10 years to ask her to appear. That seems a long time. Oh, hang on:
"To be fair, Insiders did ask me when I started writing for The Australian. As a media newcomer, I said I needed time to settle in. But what explains 10 long years between drinks?"
What explains it, Janet, is TV. As soon as you said no you went to the back of the rolodex, because a program like Insiders needs people who want to be on TV and can talk under wet cement. Hesitancy is the ultimate disqualifier. Secondly, in your TV appearances since, you've established yourself as less-than-stellar onscreen talent. You don't project your voice or physical presence well, you don't develop points in a discursive fashion, and you are wont to rabbit on about video games and neurobabble like a late-night phone-in to the Hal Todd show of old. Your name most likely came up repeatedly and was dismissed, in favour of better right-wing talent, for those reasons. Welcome to the B-team. Bring your A-game, or it may be another decade before the phone rings again. -- Guy Rundle Tweeting as easy as ABC. Whoever was running the ABC News Twitter account this morning was a little over-eager to report the outcome of the Peter Slipper/James Ashby case, as Channel Ten press gallery journo Stephen Spencer noted:

The offending tweet was quickly deleted, and the ABC fired out this correction:

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7 thoughts on “Media briefs: Planet Janet … ABC Twitter gaffe … eat pineapples …

  1. Gavin Moodie

    @ Guy Rundle

    Thanx for the note about Planet Janet. I couldn’t escape the banner promoting her whine which suggested a combination of self promotion and illogical hectoring, but couldn’t stomach actually having to read her stuff.

  2. paddy

    That’s an appalling slander of Hal Todd Guy.
    He’d have cut Planet off before she could say a word.

  3. klewso

    And besides when it comes to Planet we already know what side of a story she’s going to take – and there are Murdoch op-ed troll hacks already doing that on Insiders.

  4. klewso

    As for HAL – you parents, send your kids off to school with a pineapple and a big sharp knife to cut it up with, when school starts next year.

  5. robinw

    They get rid of Bolt and then give Gerard extended time. Now they bring in el troppo Janet for desert. I still won’t be watching it with that mind set going for it even if the other two on the show, other than Barry Cassidy, are reasonable and sane human beings. Wonder if Guy got a call though I doubt it. Just goes to prove that we are truly living in a perfect storm of irrationality.

  6. tonyfunnywalker

    There are a couple of things that really had me laughing today

    1. Was the Slipper judgement and the lack of priority given by the Murdoch and Fairfax press. They must have their legal offices in overdrive as the grounds for defamation are identified.
    2. Janet Albrechtsen’s long wait, adimttedly she is better looking than Pers Ackerman but to suggest she will bring balance of Right opinionis a joke. I think that Marine Le Pen is more balanced than Janet. I was laughing at her article, what a pompus person she is I often wonder where she learned to write as her readability score is very low as she rants on as a Gerrard Henderson on steroids saying absolutley nothing. I think the First Dog on the Moon has better journalistic skills but like FDOM she is always good for a laugh. Perhaps she should appear with a funny nose.

  7. klewso

    Limited News exists to drown out any message of the Left.

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