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Dec 12, 2012



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47 thoughts on “Australia: being taken for a fluoride?

  1. rhwombat

    …Umm…wasn’t the fluoride-is-a-commie-plot-to-pollute-our-precious-bodily-fluids the prime plank of the Texan Bircher Dentists who worshipped General Jack D Ripper…I mean Curtis LeMay…thought Strangelove was a doco, and insisted that JFK was shot with a magic bullet by a crazy Fidelista. Evidently the nutjobs aren’t limited to the local councils.

  2. SBH

    “when it comes too….. ” that’s like irony or something isn’t it? please say yes.

    The member for Nudgee ( it’s GOT to be irony that politicians are all members – if not irony it’s still funny) says you don’t need letters after your name to know stuff.

    What he didn’t add was you’ve got to know stuff to know stuff and he’s just some bloke who ran a gym (’cause, like, body builders – they’d never use chemicals and supplements and steroids or other chemicals but flourine is bad). He also didn’t say that the letters mean something useful and people with letters AND who know stuff think flourine is ok and bad teeth are shit.

  3. Holden Back

    Oy. This has never gone away in country Australia – and we wonder why there’s a shortage of dental services out here. You can set your watch by letters to the Border Morning Mail entitled ‘Leave our Precious Bodily Fluids Alone’.

  4. Tristan

    I wonder how this debate might run if fluoride was useful for fracking (snigger) coal seam gas?

  5. Mark Duffett

    I think I can record reading the erctewel quert from an elected MP as the precise moment I lost faith in democracy.

  6. drovers cat

    Nudgee Nudgee wa*k wa*k – sums up the crowd of congenital f’ckwits we have allegedly running Queersland. The “Newman Govt” indeed, dog#1.
    They are setting things up so when go wrong – as they most certainly will – the blame will go on anyone but the “Newman Govt”. Same old, same old …

  7. Clytie

    Did the Member for Nudgee seriously say hydrofluorosilicic acid contained lead, arsenic and mercury? 😮

    It doesn’t. This should be obvious (from its name) to anyone who did Year 9 Science.

    Lead, arsenic and mercury are heavy metals which may be in your water supply due to contamination and leaching, but they aren’t in the fluoride.

  8. zut alors

    ‘…Member for Nudgee (not a euphemism)…’

    Hilarious, Mr Dog.

    I wouldn’t trust Qld councils with a pair of scissors.

  9. drmick

    What next? The white Queenslander policy. Secession again? Taxes at the border again?
    At least the State of Origin Qld originals will be easy to spot- white, slack jawed, in-br@d and toothless. Sounds familiar……could double as the noberals front bench.

  10. Holden Back

    Not even the plastic ones with the rounded ends, zut?

  11. paddy

    ROTFL Thank goodness you don’t need teeth to eat bananas.
    (At least they won’t starve.)

  12. Sean

    Sadly FD Queensland Councils broadly speaking do control the water supply and own it lock, stock and barrel. The south-east with the water grid could be problematic, but I fear stupidity could reign supreme and we may see the roll back of the hard won public health benefits of fluoridation.

    The LNP government is abrogating its public health responsibility by placing the fluoridation decision back in the hands of councils – some of which have members which make the wing nut member for Nudgee seem rational. I think its time to look again at reestablishing a house of review in Qld; this mob is out of control and ramming through poor decisions on a regular basis because there is noone to hold them to account (until the next election – and even then I think there is enough residual anger at Labor for them to survive that without too much angst.

  13. zut alors

    Holden, not even the plastic ones. It would end in tears before bedtime and then a Commission of Inquiry.

    There’s definitely something in the water here in Qld…and I don’t mean fluoride.

  14. Andrew L

    Hmmmm… Soon Kweenzland Kouncilz will have the power to burn witches and lock kids in the stocks for wearing baseball caps back-to-front…

  15. Stevo the Working Twistie

    And just who is telling us that fluoride is good for public health? Scientists! I rest my case.

  16. klewso

    So what about “Lady Flu of the Pumpkin Scones”?

  17. klewso

    And what do you expect from a “Limited News Party”?

  18. klewso

    Then again look what sort of majority we gave Manuel after Bligh flewradiated our water….?

  19. Andybob

    If god didn’t want us to put fluoride in water he wouldn’t have made the cost/benefit curve so enticing.

  20. klewso

    This bloke could play Riff-Raff in a remake of “Rocky Horror” – and save on make-up.

  21. Prasetyo Rapheal

    Maybe this is a big pharma conspiracy??? They will have to start re-stocking the shelves of Qld again… :-)They have the most to gain..

  22. Prasetyo Rapheal

    First Dog we also need a First Dog interpretation of the newly ammended Qld Local Government Act 2010 – in particular the Material Personal Interest and Conflict of Interest for Councillors… turns out according to Newman and Crisafulli (Minister of LG – the one that is encouraging them) that “a councillor does not have a material personal interest in the matter if the councillor has no greater personal interest in the matter than that of other persons in the local government area.”.. so if they only own 49% of the company.. it is ok.. they don’t have to declare becasue someone else owns the other 51%….!!!

  23. Plonkoclock

    Since the Bugger-you Newman government took power, the clocks have been running backwards in Queensland at an ever-increasing rate. By most estimates, we will arrive at 1972 early next week.

  24. drovers cat

    … plonk, if it could only stop there …

  25. Holden Back

    Oh, Plonk: “It’s astounding . . . time is fleeting . . . madness takes its toll.”

  26. ianjohnno1

    I wonder if these geniuses have ever read the list of ingredients on their toothpaste/mouthwash.

    I am not usually given to prayer but I am going to send one up asking that they will soon wind up as roadkill on the misinformation superhighway.

    Is a quert anything like a quark?

  27. Plonkoclock

    We’re just waiting for Can-do-You to announce the redrawing of electoral boundaries..

  28. ernmalleyscat

    A fair chunk of the Greens think this stuff too.

  29. Plonkoclock

    Ian, it’s along the lines of the US auto worker saying of migrant workers, “they terk er jerbs..”

  30. ianjohnno1

    Gotcha Plonk. I think I need to declare your name early.

  31. Holden Back

    It’s all fun until someone loses an eye, or a tooth, or a Biblical metaphor, and builds their banana upon sand.

  32. Microseris

    Whenever I read about something about the LNP, I think banjo’s and chewing tobaccy.

  33. Plonkoclock

    If only it was that trivial, Microseris. it’s the re-emergence of the ghosts of Brian Ray and Mike Gore of the Gold Coast white shoe brigade, the likes of NP ministers like Russ Hinze,Don Lane and Brian Austin. And they were the ones who careless enough to get caught. Others – including Joh – got away, a shameful miscarriage of justice and due process. We’re already seeing it happen. The Qld electorate has the memory capacity of a goldfish.

  34. Plonkoclock

    By the way, I voted for the stocks for the cap on backwards. Bring back the cane, I say..

  35. drmick

    What odds Gerry Mander to make a re-appearance & Napoleon Bonehead to make himself empoorer and everyone just poorer?

  36. klewso

    Aye Micro, “Deliverance from Weevils”.

  37. puddleduck

    Yeah, I had a no F phase for a while there. Water filters, don’t want you to x-ray my teeth Mr Dentist Man. I’m over it now. Can’t get enough of the stuff. Coz I wanna keep me teef, innit?

  38. Phil Gray

    Have moved back to NSW recently thanks to Newman government’s job creation plans. So whatever. Let the entire moronic populations’ teeth fallout for all I care. But at the very least provide no Medicare funded dental treatment to residents of areas that have chosen notto have fluoridation.

  39. JackAubrey

    Panel 6 should be a T-shirt. Seriously.

  40. Moira Smith

    @Plonkoclock ‘… the clocks have been running backwards in Queensland at an ever-increasing rate. By most estimates, we will arrive at 1972 early next week.’

    And without daylight saving, of course, which fades the curtains

  41. cyberfysh

    *sigh* Not everyone in Qld voted for the nutjobs, so generalisations like “the entire moronic population” are cruel, adding insult to our suffering. *sigh*

  42. Plonkoclock

    P Duck, it’s when Mr Dentist man pulls one of your back teeth that you (well, for me) start to realize just how valuable them pearls are.

  43. Holden Back

    So does the knowledge of chemistry displayed by the Member for Nudgee represent the high water mark of Queensland’s education system form which we are in decline, or is that narrative just bullshit.

  44. Venise Alstergren

    Oh FIRSTY, total brilliance. If anyone deserves tooth rot by the time they are thirteen, it’s the Queenslanders. Why are they so behind the other states? Why is the sea boiling hot and why do pigs have wings? Why are they so effing stupid?????

    The worst thing of all is they don’t even have the wit to be ashamed of being laughed at!

  45. Venise Alstergren

    ANDREW L: And they’ll execute Atheists by stoning. Just like Pakistan.

  46. Andrew L

    Yep Venise. Yet again, a right-wing somewhat looney government in Kweensland resembles a series of Monty Python sketches.

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