Dec 12, 2012

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47 thoughts on “Australia: being taken for a fluoride?

  1. rhwombat

    …Umm…wasn’t the fluoride-is-a-commie-plot-to-pollute-our-precious-bodily-fluids the prime plank of the Texan Bircher Dentists who worshipped General Jack D Ripper…I mean Curtis LeMay…thought Strangelove was a doco, and insisted that JFK was shot with a magic bullet by a crazy Fidelista. Evidently the nutjobs aren’t limited to the local councils.

  2. SBH

    “when it comes too….. ” that’s like irony or something isn’t it? please say yes.

    The member for Nudgee ( it’s GOT to be irony that politicians are all members – if not irony it’s still funny) says you don’t need letters after your name to know stuff.

    What he didn’t add was you’ve got to know stuff to know stuff and he’s just some bloke who ran a gym (’cause, like, body builders – they’d never use chemicals and supplements and steroids or other chemicals but flourine is bad). He also didn’t say that the letters mean something useful and people with letters AND who know stuff think flourine is ok and bad teeth are shit.

  3. Holden Back

    Oy. This has never gone away in country Australia – and we wonder why there’s a shortage of dental services out here. You can set your watch by letters to the Border Morning Mail entitled ‘Leave our Precious Bodily Fluids Alone’.

  4. Tristan

    I wonder how this debate might run if fluoride was useful for fracking (snigger) coal seam gas?

  5. Mark Duffett

    I think I can record reading the erctewel quert from an elected MP as the precise moment I lost faith in democracy.

  6. drovers cat

    Nudgee Nudgee wa*k wa*k – sums up the crowd of congenital f’ckwits we have allegedly running Queersland. The “Newman Govt” indeed, dog#1.
    They are setting things up so when go wrong – as they most certainly will – the blame will go on anyone but the “Newman Govt”. Same old, same old …

  7. Clytie

    Did the Member for Nudgee seriously say hydrofluorosilicic acid contained lead, arsenic and mercury? 😮

    It doesn’t. This should be obvious (from its name) to anyone who did Year 9 Science.

    Lead, arsenic and mercury are heavy metals which may be in your water supply due to contamination and leaching, but they aren’t in the fluoride.

  8. zut alors

    ‘…Member for Nudgee (not a euphemism)…’

    Hilarious, Mr Dog.

    I wouldn’t trust Qld councils with a pair of scissors.

  9. drmick

    What next? The white Queenslander policy. Secession again? Taxes at the border again?
    At least the State of Origin Qld originals will be easy to spot- white, slack jawed, [email protected] and toothless. Sounds familiar……could double as the noberals front bench.

  10. Holden Back

    Not even the plastic ones with the rounded ends, zut?

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