Dec 11, 2012

Following in Deng’s footsteps: meet China’s new cabinet

China's leader-in-waiting Xi Jinping has taken his first tour. Eschewing pomp, he has recreated a famous tour by a former president. Meet the "secretive seven" who will rule China next year.

Michael Sainsbury — Freelance correspondent in Asia and <em>Little Red Blog</em> Editor

Michael Sainsbury

Freelance correspondent in Asia and Little Red Blog Editor

When then-Chinese leader Deng Xiaoping snuck quietly out of Beijing at the end of winter in early 1992, China was at a crossroads. The hardliners had won the internal Communist battle in 1989, violently putting down the pro-reform protests in Tiananmen Square. Growth had slowed under the oppressive hand of the state.

So when the ageing but still in-control leader showed up in Shenzhen, the fishing village where he had launched the country’s first Special Economic Zone (and even to this day a testbed for reform),  it was to remind the hardliners that they may have won a battle but did not win the war.

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3 thoughts on “Following in Deng’s footsteps: meet China’s new cabinet

  1. Mike Flanagan

    Thanks to Mike Sainsbury for an informative piece that doesn’t seem to reflect the CIA prism view of China that Sheridan gives us in ‘pidgin english’.

  2. paddy

    Fascinating stuff. More Michael Sainsbury please Crikey. A refreshing change from the usual tosh that’s spouted about China.

  3. AR

    I don’t recall seeing it reported that Xi, unlike his several predecessors, took control not just of the Party but the Army immediately.
    Previously each newby had to wait, so,metimes years before his predecessor relinquished control of the men with guns.
    Whether this is a “good” thing I can’t say but it does show that many levels of chinese society are changing, the Old Order is fading.
    What rough beast slouches forward, we must wait and see.

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