Dec 11, 2012

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10 thoughts on “Annual Christmas please god make it stop

  1. paddy

    Hmm…I guess you haven’t finished the Advent calendar yet…Eh?

    P.S. Philip Adams as the evil meth addicted Santa scores you huge points. Miss-spelling his name ….LEGEND!

  2. Andybob

    Attempts to repackage the whole thing as ‘Festivus’ replete with aluminium pole, “The Airing of Grievances” and “Trials of Strength” have faltered at my house. They got as far as a suggestion that we need not put up the Christmas tree this year when the whole thing was severely scotched by my 12 year old daughter. I barely escaped alive by buying an advent calendar (yes with chocolate, the other kind are ‘stupid’).

  3. klewso

    My proctologist feels things very deeply too.

  4. JackAubrey

    Does this mean we are not getting a nativity diorama this year? FFS, that’s the only reason I subscribed!

  5. zut alors

    I have it on pretty good authority that Jesvs was nowhere near a manger on 25 December. The Christmas stunt/rort was not his idea. Let’s rebrand it for accuracy –


    Sounds like Firsty is being pressured into hosting another festive cocktail party.

  6. drmick

    Looks like someone didn’t get a baby to play with when they were a puppy. Just watch for a loaded dog entering a school tower clock or a nativity scene.

  7. GlendaJoy

    At last, the comedic value of a name like Glenda is realised! I didn’t think it would happen in my lifetime.

  8. ernmalleyscat

    Yep I can definitely feel seepage.
    I think this might just be the best example of self-trolling ever committed to tablet. Sterling. Good balance.

  9. rhwombat

    GlendaJoy…You must have loved Christmases past. At least you weren’t named Gloria, which is always laden with such poignance (lovely word, that, especially in a spelling bee) at Parrotmass. Raaark! Pieces-of-hate! Psittacosis!

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