Dec 10, 2012

Richard Farmer’s chunky bits: that’s not a roll rort

He has a strange definition of rorting does Christopher Pyne. The Liberal frontbencher was out this morning bemoaning the Labor move to have people not on the electoral roll put on it.

Richard Farmer

Crikey political commentator

Believing in the tooth fairy. Just a brief thought on that Council of Australian Government last Friday. Why would anyone who remembers Paul Keating’s L-A-W “law” tax cuts take seriously the commitment of the Commonwealth and New South Wales to finance a disability health insurance scheme from 2018? Give us a break.



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2 thoughts on “Richard Farmer’s chunky bits: that’s not a roll rort

  1. duncan stephens

    Silvio Berlusconi is indeed a buffoon – however that clip, which did the rounds a few years ago, is from a German satire programme (no, not a contradiction) and does not feature the real Berlusconi.

  2. Joel

    I wonder if a “true the vote” attempt at voter suppression will be the next Tea Party innovation the coalition will import. But how to target it against youth? If there’s one thing young Australian adults are sure to have, it’s some form of valid proof of drinking age.

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