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Dec 7, 2012



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26 thoughts on “What a pack of useless stunts

  1. drmick

    Did you know that the tonka truck the loto is driving has been modified? It has windscreen wipers on the inside of the cabin as well. They come on automatically when the loto puts his tongue to his lips and starts making truck noises as he goes down the road.
    Lets not mention his long distance Depends either.

  2. Deirdre

    Hi there. Great cartoon, but you forgot about Vince Lester walking backwards in his Queensland electorate in 1981 to get dunny doors to open outwards. But you were probably just a pup then.

  3. Steve777

    I don’t remember Paul Keating parachuting out of a hot air balloon into a crocodile-infested waterhole. Was that before he became PM?

  4. zut alors

    Well spotted, Mr Dog, it was all about the Pacific Hwy never about him. Mr Rabbott hasn’t only driven to Port Macquarie, he’s driven me to despair.

    Love the Bandidos line, hehe.

  5. Holden Back

    How’s about Bob Katter, also walking backwards, Deidre, from Canberra to Cairns, on discovering that there were gay people in his electorate?

  6. Deirdre

    Too much, Holden – that’s gold(en).

  7. paddy

    Oh yes FD. All those happy memories. Esp JWH pardoning the boat person.
    It still brings a tear to the eye and a warm inner glow.

  8. Venise Alstergren

    Shrieks of helpless laughter re frame seven. A sort of weak with laughter,
    combined with a dreadful cringe, and a taste of bitterness in my mouth.

  9. Venise Alstergren

    GOLDEN HOLDEN: Another shriek of laughter combined with swallowing some coffee backwards.

  10. Hugh (Charlie) McColl

    “TazeTheHomeless”? I haven’t noticed before the little notes that accompany a resting cursor around the cartoon. Which party leader is that attributed to?

  11. Holden Back

    Venise- Breathe!

    Queensland politicians, the characters fiction rejects as too unlikely, set free in the world.

  12. ernmalleyscat

    Ah yes, I remember vividly the time Keating wrestled Salty Dave (David Flint’s ring name) to decide the Republic No-Count-Out Death Match.
    Unfortunately it was abandoned early after Flint refused to perform any other hold than the ‘Hello Boys’.

  13. zut alors

    EMC, you have rendered me weak with laughter – ‘David Flint’s ring name’.

  14. JackAubrey

    Blair will be on to this one too. Look – three frames ridiculing Labor idiots and four poking fun at Coalition people. That’s 33% latte-sipping lefty bias. And it is still being narrated by dog. A dog for goodness sake.

    What ever happened to that lego deathstar anyway?

  15. Venise Alstergren

    EMC: How dare you make me choke on a second cup of coffee.

  16. Plonkoclock

    And that’s a VERY rude title for this cartoon, FD! To the naughty corner with you!

  17. Andybob

    Very droll EMC. I can hear the commentary by Roy and HG in my head. If only the ABC hadn’t lost the tapes.

  18. Venise Alstergren

    PLONK: Ooooh, er. More shrieks of laughter.

  19. ernmalleyscat

    Thanks Zut, Venise and Andybob. Let’s hope FD draws Salty Dave in his wrestling trunks for us.

  20. klewso

    “A ring with a name”?

  21. klewso

    And that Ruddock, Reith & Howard “free swimming lessons for children of boat people”?

  22. Andrew L

    Gadzooks! Rabbott is not wearing a hard hat, a hair net OR a high-visibility vest… Are you sure it is really him?


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