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Dec 7, 2012

Tips and rumours: Bauer hampers … fracking hoax .. pollies with tatts

Packer's hampers live on at Bauer Media ... Brisbane park to be fracked for CSG ... which pollies have tattoos? ...

From the Crikey grapevine, the latest tips and rumours …

Christmas spirit alive at Bauer … Staff at ACP Magazines, now owned by magazine behemoth Bauer Media, might have been worried their Christmas hampers, a tradition started decades ago when Kerry Packer ruled the roost, might have fallen by the wayside with the takeover of the company by the Germans earlier this year. But after a year of savage cost-cutting it seems there’s still a festive spirit at Park Street and Bauer offices around the country.

Hampers began arriving this year, one for every staffer, offering a choice of perishable (a Christmas ham and other goodies) and non-perishable packs. The latter, as one staffer captured for us, includes melting moments, macaroons, rocky road, scorched fruit and nut, fudge, nougat, chocolate Santas, mustard, relish, brie, balsamic vinegar, honeycomb, pretzels, chocolate liquorice logs, crackers, popcorn … and a card from chief executive Matthew Stanton offering season’s greetings. We’re jealous.

… and more ham for the media. We hear that a large Melbourne-based media agency “famous for generosity to their staff (many of whom have been there 10+ years)” is hosting a party for staff and their partners — 650 people in all — on Saturday night. “Then next Monday the Staff Hams arrive!!! Every person on the payroll is given a massive Christmas ham. Merry Christmas!!” (We’ve left in the capitals and exclamation marks to convey how very excited this person, who may or may not be the boss, is about the ham).

Crikey is a little wistful at these bumper hampers. Do any of you have examples of truly woeful or tight-arsed staff Christmas parties or gifts? Let us know.

Frack off. Earlier this week, we were alerted to an alarming-looking sign in Downey Park in Brisbane, where popular netball courts are being ripped up to allow coal seam gas exploration …

Except that they’re not. The sign is a hoax. We tracked down the artist behind the sign, Katso, who said he planted it “to raise awareness” about fracking. Savvy passers-by were given a clue as to the authenticity of the sign by the slogan “Fracking the world one well at a time” (it’s not visible on our pic).

Katso told us he had previously planted the sign in Brisbane’s CBD. He isn’t afraid to use his real mobile number on the sign, saying he received numerous calls on both occasions from concerned residents, Brisbane City Council and the mining minister’s office. The Council told Crikey they didn’t know who was behind the sign but it had been taken down.

Tatts amazing. Now the warm weather is here and shirt sleeves are creeping ever higher, Tips was stunned to see a certain Crikey scribe has an intriguing tattoo on his upper arm. This got us thinking — which Australian politician (or senior business figures) have tattoos, and what are they of?

We know that on-the-up assistant treasurer David Bradbury pledged to get a Julia Gillard tattoo to demonstrate his loyalty. Winston Churchill apparently had an anchor on his upper arm. US president Theodore Roosevelt went under the needle to ink his family crest on his chest, while US politician Jesse Jackson Jr. has, among other designs, a tatt of Bruce Lee.

So, does Glenn Stevens have a Japanese character on his calf? Perhaps Quentin Bryce has an American Indian design on her shoulder. Kevin Rudd seems like the kind of guy to have a yin yang on his lower back. Crikey needs to know these details; send in your tips here (and you can stay anonymous).

*Do you know more? Send your tips to or use our guaranteed anonymous form.

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One thought on “Tips and rumours: Bauer hampers … fracking hoax .. pollies with tatts

  1. Lady White Peace

    ‘ FRACK OFF” I agree with this person, I was in France for a few months this year and in October was watching a”France 24″ (similar news channel like the BBC -CNN etc) where it was reported that in France , hydraulic fracturing and shale gas exploration is prohibited by law.
    The French Government, when asked if they would change this law replied” IF AND ONLY IF AN ALTERNATIVE TO HYDRAULIC FRACTURING IS VIABLE, IN COMING YEARS”


    Pity our Government doesn’t give the French Scientists a job!! No they are too busy or too lazy to be proactive and give some leadership in this contentious and dangerous to our health money making scheme; which benefits those greedy and already super rich miners. I think it’s time to implement a law which restricts the amount of money 1 Family or 1 Corporation can make! How about 10 Million after that all monies goes back to the people. Now that’s not communism that’s sustainable capitalism.