Dec 7, 2012

Last chance: UN climate summit poised to entrench delay

Problems at the UN's climate talks have widened as the talks enter their final day. The end result may be that a new deal to reduce emissions will take longer than expected, reports Renew Economy's Giles Parkinson.

Over the past two weeks, several hundred events have been held across the Qatari capital of Doha highlighting the science of climate change, its impacts and some of the intriguing means being devised to address it. But as the UN climate change talks — the 18th Conference of the Parties (COP) — draws to a close today, the missing ingredients are neither the science nor effort, but what it has always been: the political will to match the two.


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16 thoughts on “Last chance: UN climate summit poised to entrench delay

  1. Scott

    Without the top 5 emmitters being involved (China, the US, India, Russia and Japan…covering 57% of all emissions), the new Kyoto protocal is a damp squib anyway.

    The world has moved on from the heady days of 2007 and 2009 when everyone believed that the world was cooking. Now it’s just scientists big noting themselves, developed nations placating the left, rent seeking from the developing nations trying to make a buck, while the NGO’s enjoy the perks of travelling to exotic destinations to “lobby”, all on the charity dollar.

    It’s just theatre at the moment.

  2. Rais

    “…new deal to reduce emissions will take longer than expected…” — I don’t expect them ever to reach an agreement. How can it take longer than that?

  3. Ian

    So Scott is it a good think that meaningful agreements on climate change have gone out the window? If so for who?

  4. Ian

    Sorry good thing not think.

  5. Liamj

    It is obviously not a good thing Ian, but it is a ‘good think’ if one is planning on continuing to live in the style to which we have become accustomed. Producing these rationalisions for extreme selfishness is the last growth industry.

  6. Person Ordinary

    It takes a special kind of idiot to wear climate change denial as if it were a badge of honour.

    Unfortunately, there are so many of these special idiots that the negotiators at Doha are not armed with informed political will. It really is just theatre, with most of the audience falling asleep, not realising that with just one spark the whole place will burn.

    For those who are awake and attentive, it really is a horror show …

  7. Person Ordinary

    A couple of years ago, after a long spell of extreme heat, and with a forecast the next day of 45 degrees and 90kmh winds, I pleaded with an otherwise intelligent and responsible person to take my loved ones away from a pretty Victorian country town because of the risk of bushfire. I got laughter and complacent assurance that the town in question “would not burn.”

    24 hours later, many very similar towns burned down and almost 200 people were killed, in the Black Saturday bushfires.

    We are now in a similar position on a global scale. And still many people drift along, their heads all muddled with distraction, denial and deluded self interest. And tomorrow, they will be too busy to peek through the curtains from their air conditioned comfort to see that the world is ablaze and there is nowhere to run …

    This time, though, we are all in it together. Those who are aware can not simply make plans for themselves, and be forced to watch, with horror, the suffering of those left behind. This time, if we can’t wake enough of these plodders up, we all suffer the same fate.

    … and when the tragedy starts to unfold, where is the mob going to direct its rage? At those who tried to raise the alarm, or those who assured them everything was going to be ok, and science was just one big conspiracy? If you are going to peddle ignorance, you may just want to cover your tracks …

  8. Hamis Hill

    With the world’s economic machinery running on the pursuit of the highest returns for capital through interest on loans and this only available with unsustainable and aritificial growth, this present sysytem will not prevail against the problems of climate change.
    And, with the Abrahamic religions abandoning the Mosaic injunction against usury, in favour of worshipping Mammon and slaughtering each other, no answers there.
    Small communities of committed individuals, however, may be able to band together to protect themslves against the collapse of immoral religion and the imminent bankruptcy of the corrupted, fixed and freedom hating market.
    Time for all those survivalists to start dusting off those old instruments.
    It is called the precautionary principle.
    “They”, the cause of all these difficulties, are never going to solve anything. “We” will.
    To believe otherwise is a form of idolatry.
    “They” do not exist, stop supplicating “Them”, stop sacrificing your children to “Them”.
    “We’re the Department of Youth! We’ve got the power”.
    Alice Cooper may have been right, and all the has beens wrong.

  9. Richard Schmidt

    Perhaps, in a similar vein, John F Kennedy’s “Ask not what your country can do for you” quote is also applicable – if you leave it up to “Government” to solve all of life’s problems, you’ll be waiting forever!

  10. ماكين

    good luck with that! they all want perpetual growth without sustainable structure to support it.

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