Come on Crikey, Thailand is more complex than that

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6 thoughts on “Come on Crikey, Thailand is more complex than that

  1. paddy

    Well said Wes Pryor! That article is one of the worst things I can remember reading in Crikey since I became a subscriber.
    Re-reading it again today, only makes me angrier.
    Trashy clickbait of the worst kind.
    Thanks again Wes, for those 5 paras of thoughtful input.

  2. zut alors

    Peter Matters, yes! A sensible debate is way overdue on a Tobin Tax.

  3. duncan stephens

    I’ll second Paddy’s comments – that Thailand article was simply embarrassing, I’m not sure how it slipped in. Thanks Wes for articulating so well exactly how and why it was so inappropriate.

  4. michael r james

    FYI, Crikeyites, below is a link to an article on a Financial Transaction Tax from Eliot Spitzer a few days ago in Slate. It is more about stock exchange transactions (esp. high-speed trading) than ForEx (a $4 trillion dollar a day trade!) and there are plenty of informed comments noting that Spitzer’s proposed 0.5% is at least tenfold higher than normally proposed (especially for ForEx):

    Tax the Traders! It Would Solve Economic Crisis and Stop Reckless Trading.
    By Eliot Spitzer | Posted Monday, Dec. 3, 2012

  5. zut alors

    Michael RJ, thanks for the Spitzer link. I’ve been bemused for some time why this automated trading treasure trove hasn’t been plundered – an obvious standout for the perfect tax.

  6. Kate Rogers

    Thank you Wes! Why doesn’t Crikey commission you to write a full article? I’d certainly prefer it to Engel’s. And while we’re at it, perhaps they can explain just who Engel is and why they thought it was worth publishing his opinion piece?

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