Dec 6, 2012

Come in Spinner: tale of two Catholic clerics, 50 years apart

While George Pell generates plenty of controversy, so far he has yet to meet the levels of Archibishop Daniel Mannix -- the subject of a new biography. There are some interesting parallels with the current crop of Catholics, writes Noel Turnbull.

Noel Turnbull

Adjunct professor of media and communications at RMIT University.

How will George Pell be regarded in 50 years’ time, what will be his legacy to the Catholic Church and Australia, how will it compare to the legacy of that other controversial cleric, Archbishop Daniel Mannix and what does it say about Tony Abbott?


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3 thoughts on “Come in Spinner: tale of two Catholic clerics, 50 years apart

  1. Paddy Forsayeth

    You are right about Abbott. His ilk are convinced of their correctness in many if not all things. I can only speak of Catholics (having been one) and the true blue catholics see themselves as on a higher moral plane than the rest. Abbott’s ruthless quest for the top job is motivated by the belief that he will “improve” the morals of this country and facilitate the influence of the catholic religion.

  2. johndal

    oh so that’s how old I was. 13. I watched Mannix funeral on tv in bed with a bishop. Special treatment.

    always enjoy telling the yarn..I was surrounded by nuns…

    all above board though …had just had my appendix out and it was a Catholic hospital bed….wouldn’t happen today.

  3. AR

    Johndal – did you intend to paraphrase the opening line of Anthony Burgess’s “Earthly Powers” ?

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