Dec 5, 2012

Media dooms Faulkner’s ambitious transparency agenda

John Faulkner's agenda for political transparency has been ignored in favour of his comments on NSW Labor, but it's in the media's interests to gain transparency. Why turn a blind eye?

Bernard Keane — Politics editor

Bernard Keane

Politics editor

One of the main reasons why the proposals contained in John Faulkner’s long, detailed and important speech yesterday on political transparency will remain unfulfilled was to be found in the subsequent media coverage.

While Faulkner gave one of the most important speeches of the year, covering parliamentarians’ behaviour, whistleblowing, political donations, a national anti-corruption plan and open government, it was his comments about the NSW Labor Party, Labor factions and the unfolding saga of the current ICAC investigations that garnered nearly all of the media’s attention.

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12 thoughts on “Media dooms Faulkner’s ambitious transparency agenda

  1. Bo Gainsbourg

    Good point, the media could lift their game substantially on matters such as lobbying, transparency and FOI. They need to be quicker to recognise and support good reforms and more rigorous in getting up governments who are blocking transparency. Witness current Victorian govt, but you could take your pick.

  2. Edward James

    Bought and paid for media is motivated by self interest. John Faulkner expresses himself more like a statesman than a politician, perhaps because he can see the grass roots community is beginning to exercise their votes to bring about change and change again. There has not been much statesman like behavior from our elected representatives lately. Edward James

  3. Sam Binder

    For debate of the issues to be found in the media,it will have to sell newspapers, or attract listeners or viewers in whatever form it is published. It doesn’t appear to do this, or at least the view of the publishers is that it doesn’t do this.

  4. klewso

    Bo – those matters of lobbying, transparency and FOI, do you mean theirs, in the way they conduct their business, in the selective way they bring us their views of the news?

  5. James Brown

    If journalists were serious about press freedom they would also continue to pursue libel law reform not bleat about being asked to accept a modest level of accountability

  6. Edward James

    Libel. So called journalist sitting on the fence at Woy Woy when offered my own published work product published for over two years now. In the Peninsula News and other local papers, to consider remarked it was “defamatory”. These journalistic bottom feeders, intellectual cripples sitting on a fence outside Woy Woy CWA Hall were clearly confused about what is defamatory and what is alleged defamatory! While they continue to suck at the government media teat the news which is the property of we the peoples goes begging.
    Edward James 0243419140

  7. Achmed

    Like goldfish the attention span of many is small. look at this great policy to make Govt etc more open and accountable. Yes, that’s very noble and intere….oo oo oo look over there …its a bit of scandal and muck raking we can do….. (later) was someone saying something about a policy?? I can’t remem…oo oo oo look over there more scandal…..

  8. Edward James

    Achmed I have been standing alone for years fighting corrupt government.i expect so many people inspired to damage us will remain silent Perhaps because they are able to understand the process of burning.shit please forward stuf to me Q

  9. AR

    Further to my comment on the editorial, Sussex St treated tne membership a jetsam, the men-with-no-navels will be the flotsam and the ALP itself will be lagan.

  10. klewso

    Edward – how does touting Abbott over Gillard “fight corrupt government”?
    Neither party are fit for the job.

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