Dec 5, 2012

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40 thoughts on “Look at the time! It’s First Dog angry rant o’clock!

  1. Lady White Peace

    Hi First Dog… I’m afraid your last comment is correct… the Press Gallery are just too broken and in too much despair to even consider replying to Barnaby Joyce… they realise that it would be the equivalent of pushing sh it uphill ! I must say though, that I just think the guy is a national treasure for the comedy show that he puts on whenever he is in parliament.

  2. zut alors

    It’s heartening to know you and Bernard K are paying attention, Mr Dog. Where are all the Oz journos, are they pre-occupied writing letters to Santa?

    Cousin Jethro is portrayed as a pumpkin scone for cultural reasons endemic to Queensland lore but a dill pickle (with the emphasis on dill) would also be apt.

  3. Holden Back

    See, this is the problem of representative government. Stupid, shallow people need to have their opinions on important topics represented in Federal parliament by someone. Why is it they’re usually from Queensland?

  4. pritu

    zut, the rest of the Oz journos are in their bunkers turning their manure piles to see they refresh. Seem to have run out of worms…or the worms are coming out the wrong parts of the piles for their purpose.

  5. paddy

    Alas FD. Your last frame sums it up perfectly. They’re broken, tired and utterly destroyed.

    (Unlike a certain cartoonist. Who’s energised,inspired and having a *brilliant* week with the aid of a humble award.)

    P.S. Every time Barnaby amazes me with a sublimely stupid line, I reassure myself with a quick read of my favourite bedside book.

    “The Wisdom of Steve Fielding”

  6. klewso

    …. refer to editorial?
    Paddy got a picture of Steve Fielding and Jethro together…..?

    I’m waiting for someone to put together a book of “The Quotes of Chairman Me-ow”?

  7. klewso

    The “press duds” are a gallery of galahs, who encourage this sort of language (through failing to question his sort of activities – his ridicule is funny???) – then complain about what others are doing to lower the tone of political intercourse?

  8. dropBear

    but he is right isn’t he? We all remember julia promising with carbon tax we’d have a white christmas in queensland this year. Just like the ones we used to know.
    Incontrovertible proof that she is a pathological liar.

  9. zut alors

    The best quote to emanate from Qld in the past week was when Clive [email protected] was asked if he’d like to be premier. “I’m too fat to be premier,” is how he dismissed it. And the journos were perfectly content with that because it made so much sense.

  10. drmick

    It probably went straight over their heads like everything else except alcohol and bad haircuts.

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