Dec 5, 2012

Hockey on four-point plans and a falling economy

Joe Hockey's confused criticisms of the government's economic policy are reflected in the Coalition's own economic "plan". They're going to need do better than this in government.

Bernard Keane — Politics editor

Bernard Keane

Politics editor

“The Reserve Bank is trying to catch a falling Australian economy. The government is making it worse by going on a big taxing, big spending program.”

That, from yesterday, could be the single dumbest thing Joe Hockey has said this year.

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41 thoughts on “Hockey on four-point plans and a falling economy

  1. cairns50

    hockey is an economic illiterate and a buffon to boot, how can he possibly be our shadow treasurer ?JOKE

  2. klewso

    I like Sloppy Joe – he’s Tarzan in a suit – “Good things world! Bad things Swan (Labor)”.

  3. Mike Smith

    @Klewso: He’s certainly aping his betters.

  4. drmick

    Finally someone mentions the constant down playing of our country and economy by the losers. In a previous time, their comments would be regarded as treason and they would lose their heads. In the current rubbish that pretends to be the “press’, this constant and purposeful dishonesty is regarded as reliable and valuable information and the “true” economic situation. It is supported by the like of BHP who have had to write 15 billion after one particularly bad decision, and the totally discredited “financial wizzes” who couldn’t see the GFC coming, missed it entirely, (including Lumpy Larclacker who claimed it only happened overseas), WTF?
    They are reminiscent of, & directly related to the “press gallery”, who missed the relevance and importance of PM`s speech despite witnessing it. Same mob are now demanding the government not aim for a surplus but will bash them to death if they dare come in one dollar in the red. He definitely casts a big shadow & that’s about it.

  5. Recalcitrant.Rick

    But, but, but interest rates will always be lower under a Liberal Government, unless of course their lower under a Labor Government, and then of course it’s a bad thing because …….. errrrr,, has someone got my notes? Really, what a moronic hypocrite!

  6. Wallace Scott

    That said, I still think the government still needs to work on micro-economic reform urgently and get unions and businesses together, and also work on a plan to encourage new innovations and strategic industries for Australia’s future.

    The economy probably won’t get any worse because enough interest rates have been cut and China and the US economies are picking up. The problem is the AUD is becoming a safe haven and staying elevated which puts a drag on many businesses, restructuring and moving up the chain is necessary.

    If nothing is done and the employment rate keeps bumping along at this level, I can only see a defeat for Labor at the next election. Anymore rate cut will hurt the self-funded retirees and the savers bringing backlash and also attacks from the Oppositions. Rate cut also has diminishing effect on spending as it hits self-funded retirees and people who rely on saving interests, and as more people enter the housing market they will also have to save to pay the mortgage. Rate cut can’t help much in bringing the AUD down either once it looks like a certain haven in a turbulent world, SNB has rate at 0%, but it also has to peg the CHF to the EUR to prevent it from rising.

  7. dooby

    How has their one point plan for getting back into government worked a treat? They aren’t in government. And they haven’t one the 2013 election yet.

  8. zut alors

    The glove of Treasurer will never befit Hockey’s pudgy paw. Switch him to Shadow Minister for Avuncular and the nation will be safer and better informed.

  9. John Kotsopoulos

    He is try hard who is way out of his depth. The comments he made overseas were probably written for him

  10. John Kotsopoulos

    He is a try hard . His speech overseas must have been written by someone else because we have seen none of this bravura talk here. As for reducing spending how does Abbott’s parental leave rort fit in?

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