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Dec 4, 2012



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25 thoughts on “Taste and flavour are two different things!

  1. Powerfox junior

    Pretty sure Tim Moss is an expert in sheep labias….

  2. PDGFD1

    Poor Dog (and scientist)… has it been too long for you?
    Pe**s is analogous to clit**is, not lab*a.
    (Nevertheless, you are forgiven, anatomy appears not to be the strong suit of many y-chromosome-bearing-canines, and you are a walkie-winner after all!)

  3. klewso

    What is they say, “A bone on a roll blathers no Moss”?

  4. Timothy Moss

    thanks dog. pleased to be of service.

  5. klewso

    I’d just ask for the one’s that only affected women ….. cause I was a man…….. and I could roll my own while I was driving the Bongo van ……

    …. I still am …… a man ……

  6. Andrew L

    Back at work the very next day. Good Dog.

  7. First Dog On The Moon

    I should give some credit to @tjmmoss who is our in house science person this week and I rudely didn’t even mention him

  8. drmick

    With appropriate tip of the hat to my hero Spike; menthol in the green box, virginia in the red box and you in the black box.
    With typical gallows humour, some still purchase their antipsychotic by the picture rather than the flavour. “Can I have the diseased teeth ones please? It reminds me of me muvver.

  9. klewso

    I only get up for Viagra Menthol – wood ‘n you?

  10. Plonkoclock

    Shaniq’ua, used to be that the best coffee-break conversation was with the smokers outside, rather than the brown paper lunch-baggers inside. Not so much any more..

  11. Holden Back

    Maybe we should ask zut which brand is best for smoking through a tracheostomy?

  12. Plonkoclock

    A friend once commented that my heavy-smoking father inhaled, but didn’t appear to exhale. I passed this observation on to Papa, who said that this explained the nicotine stains on his underpants..

  13. drovers cat

    zut, so where’s your yellow nico stain then, dare I enquire?

  14. Shaniq'ua Shardonn'ay

    Umah – you said Labia!!!
    I’ll have a pack of Tarburst Extreme thanks.

    God I miss smoking…

  15. Bellistner

    Given the ‘no labia’ policy of both cheap mens magazines (enforced by whoever gives mags their approval for sale) and underwear manufacturers (when’s the last time you saw labia on a packet of Bonds?) I doubt too many women will be lighting up some Sportsball Low Tar 30’s.

  16. zut alors

    drovers cat,

    Hells bells, too late you tell me they were designed for the mouth..

  17. Greg Oakes

    But I DO want to go to Bermagui!

  18. drovers cat

    Zut it’s even hotter up here on the sunny coast … I put a Sphinct*r 25 in my mouth and it lit up on its own.

  19. Andybob

    If the doctors tell you
    That your lungs are stuffed
    Do not bother being miffed
    You can still get piffed and muffed.

    In memoriam John Hepworth (not the priest), d.1995.

  20. zut alors

    My preference is for Catarrh Extras but those Sphinct-r Reds sound delectable. Just the thing to cool you down on a 39C degree day in Brisbane.

  21. Matthew of Canberra

    Put a nail in every pack. Let them figure it out for themselves.

  22. ernmalleyscat

    It’s political correctness gone mild. *cough*

  23. Microseris

    What about Emphysema 50’s, they’ll take your breath away.

  24. paddy

    FD’s come up with an actual, genuine *peer reviewed* cartoon!!!
    Just about perfect.
    (Although I personally prefer “Antechinus extra macho” to those pathetic poofy Potarooter Ultramilds.)

  25. Holden Back

    What, no Butt-Grindr?


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