Dec 4, 2012

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25 thoughts on “Taste and flavour are two different things!

  1. Holden Back

    What, no Butt-Grindr?

  2. paddy

    FD’s come up with an actual, genuine *peer reviewed* cartoon!!!
    Just about perfect.
    (Although I personally prefer “Antechinus extra macho” to those pathetic poofy Potarooter Ultramilds.)

  3. Microseris

    What about Emphysema 50’s, they’ll take your breath away.

  4. ernmalleyscat

    It’s political correctness gone mild. *cough*

  5. Matthew of Canberra

    Put a nail in every pack. Let them figure it out for themselves.

  6. zut alors

    My preference is for Catarrh Extras but those Sphinct-r Reds sound delectable. Just the thing to cool you down on a 39C degree day in Brisbane.

  7. Andybob

    If the doctors tell you
    That your lungs are stuffed
    Do not bother being miffed
    You can still get piffed and muffed.

    In memoriam John Hepworth (not the priest), d.1995.

  8. drovers cat

    Zut it’s even hotter up here on the sunny coast … I put a Sphinct*r 25 in my mouth and it lit up on its own.

  9. Greg Oakes

    But I DO want to go to Bermagui!

  10. zut alors

    drovers cat,

    Hells bells, too late you tell me they were designed for the mouth..

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