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Dec 4, 2012

Murdoch on News split: ‘we aren’t finished achieving what others deem impossible’

News Corporation has finalised its corporate restructure. In an internal memo obtained by Crikey, chairman and CEO Rupert Murdoch pays tribute to staff he says "amaze and inspire me".

Rupert Murdoch

News Corporation chairman and CEO

Rupert Murdoch

Dear Colleagues,

I have great news to report regarding the proposed separation of our company into two global leaders.

In keeping with our rich, 60-year heritage of bringing news to the world, the publishing entity will retain the name News Corporation. The media and entertainment company, which has excelled at engaging, entertaining and enlightening people around the globe for almost three decades, will be named Fox Group.

In addition to announcing the names of the two entities, we are taking an important step in advancing this separation process today by announcing several additional details. We have appointed Robert Thomson as Chief Executive Officer of the proposed publishing company. Robert, who has served as Editor-in-Chief of Dow Jones and Managing Editor of The Wall Street Journal, is a true visionary, as proven by his outstanding leadership at the Journal, which has become the dominant newspaper in the U.S. and has greatly expanded its global reach through, which now publishes in eight languages.

In addition, today we are announcing key members of the leadership team for the new News Corporation, including Bedi Ajay Singh, who will assume the role of Chief Financial Officer, and Paul Cheesbrough who will serve as Chief Technology Officer (he holds the same title at News Corp. currently). Keisha Smith, formerly of Morgan Stanley, will be the new company’s director of Human Resources. I am excited about the appointments of Bedi, Paul and Keisha, as they bring incredible talents to the team and share with Robert and me the desire and will to bridge the triumphs of our past with the opportunities of tomorrow.

Many of you know that a belief in the power of the written word has been in my bones for my entire life. It began as I listened to my father’s stories from his days as a war correspondent and, later, a successful publisher. It deepened when, starting in grammar school, I rolled up my sleeves and worked alongside fellow students to publish school journals. I witnessed the hunger people had for well-written, thoroughly observed stories … stories that provide not just information, but insight. That hunger is alive and well today; my personal mission is to serve and satisfy the human need for insight as well as I possibly can.

Storytelling of a different kind has also empowered us to fuel the human spirit and enlighten the lives of millions of people through our film, TV and sports properties. We began more than 25 years ago with the acquisition of a modest but promising film studio and bucked conventional wisdom at every opportunity on our way to creating the world’s most successful media and entertainment portfolio. Fox Group will continue this mission and in doing so will engage audiences in a way that not only drives financial success, but also inspires the imaginations of millions of people around the world.

During our history, you — the people of this company — have told these stories with astonishing skill and ever-increasing success. The key to that success — one that has been reinforced time and time again as this company has grown — is in finding the brightest, most talented, most innovative people and setting them out on a journey of discovery.

Because of your creativity, commitment to innovation, and continuous dedication to achieving the future, we have barreled through the boundaries of what is possible.

That’s the secret to our success: Your talent. Your inspiration. Your passion.

While we will face challenges at both companies going forward, together, we have already achieved the seemingly impossible. Now imagine what we can accomplish with the focus, flexibility and collaboration that two independent entities will make possible.

Change always breeds uncertainty, but let me be very clear about one thing that is certain: We aren’t finished achieving what others deem impossible. Not even close.

It is an honor and a pleasure to work alongside you. The work you do every day never fails to amaze and inspire me.

And the best news of all … We’re just getting started.

My very best regards,

Rupert Murdoch

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7 thoughts on “Murdoch on News split: ‘we aren’t finished achieving what others deem impossible’

  1. Lord Barry Bonkton

    Getting Tony Abbott in the Lodge – Mission impossible ?

  2. IC-1101

    I know many despise the Murdoch empire, but he’s the only one that has passion, faith in the newspaper.s, and the outlets continue to redefine and reinvent how we interact with and access news.

    For all his downfalls and mistakes, there is progress.

    Hopefully the comments section here doesn’t turn into an anti-Murdoch, anti-mainstream media, anti-capitalist roundtable of trolling.

  3. Amathar

    IC-1101 at 2:
    Judging by his response to the NotW scandal in the UK, his passion is entirely based on self-interest rather than dedication to journalism, or even sound business practice.

    His outlets have utterly failed to redefine or reinvent themselves, let alone anything else. Meanwhile the rest of the connected world has raced away from his myopic vision of information.

    IMHO, his faith in newspapers is utterly misplaced.

    Why people continue to laud Murdoch’s business acumen is beyond me – it’s clear he’s too set in his ways and he displays no effective understanding of the changes roiling about him.

    Murdoch is a dinosaur. His continued success is simply the result of brute force enabled by his rude wealth. It won’t last. I presume he simply hopes it will endure until he passes on.

  4. Peter Shute

    So his staff ‘amaze and inspire him’ ?. He’s the only one. probably more evidence he should retire.

  5. Harry Rogers

    Dear Rupert,

    I know self delusion is a symptom of old age but you have been afflicted with this problem most of your life. No metres of newspaper or hours of Fox movies or network shows will ever convince the general populace that you have anybody s interest at heart except your own.

    Think of a life wasted and what you could have achieved. However you have devoted to the God of self.

    Like the Packers you seem unaware that the neighbourhood dogs will pass by the cemetery and leave their mark and you will be just another headstone. I assume its not lack of intelligence that that has driven your direction in life because I’m damned if I can see any sustainable benefit in what you do. I rank the check out girl at Kmart to have achieved more in her short life than your team of misfits.
    Anyway Rupe have a happy birthday whenever that is?

  6. tonyfunnywalker

    When I rule the world ??????

  7. Aliar Jones

    “Hopefully the comments section here doesn’t turn into an anti-Murdoch, anti-mainstream media, anti-capitalist roundtable of trolling.”

    Problem for you is there are other media owners with principles who don’t view journalism primarily as a political stick to wield self interest.

    Oh if only there were some shades of white in that loathsome black pit called News Ltd.

    Your love letter sounds as daft as someone who doesn’t know the difference between infatuation and love.