Dec 4, 2012

Doha(rd) 2012: Obama to stage coming-out party on climate?

A major stumbling block at the UN's climate summit in Doha is the huge amount of spare permits under the Kyoto Protocol. It threatens to dilute plans to reduce emissions, RenewEconomy's Giles Parkinson reports.

There are only a few big issues to be resolved at these climate change talks in Doha, and the biggest will be the hardest to achieve — not because it can’t be done, but because the countries involved simply won’t. It is a perfect metaphor for all the problems that plague these talks.


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One thought on “Doha(rd) 2012: Obama to stage coming-out party on climate?

  1. Joel

    One of the paragraphs in “Et tu, Brute?” could use some more copy editing.

    “The EU’s emissions per capita, she said, now stood at 7.5%”
    “China, she said, had early caught up”

    But an interesting article nonetheless.

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