Dec 3, 2012

Doha(rd) 2012: in an aircon-loving state, more climate delay

The world is talking in the airconditioned confines of Doha, but nobody expects action that matches the science. Renew Economy's Giles Parkinson reports from Doha.

The first slogan to greet arrivals at Doha Airport in Qatar are as optimistic as those that greeted delegates to the climate change talks in Copenhagen in 2009. “Welcome to 12 days that could have an everlasting effect,” it pronounced.


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25 thoughts on “Doha(rd) 2012: in an aircon-loving state, more climate delay

  1. Warren Joffe

    Mike Flanagan
    At the beginning of my search for the the sort of references you seemed to be asking for I came across this:
    ENERGY &
    VOLUME 21 No. 6 2010
    at P633 “Clearing the Air on Climate” by Chambers et al.
    You may find food for thought there.

    I shall see if I can find what I had in mind when I originally posted.

  2. Warren Joffe

    Also, there is this, which is presumably now published

    Accepted 7 May 2012 for the Asia-Pacific Journal of Atmospheric Sciences

    Did the global temperature trend change at the end of the 1990s?
    Tom Quirk

    Still looking…..

  3. Warren Joffe

    While looking for “Sources and Sinks of CO2” in a 2009 Energy and Environment paper I found this which at least has the merit of clarity from someone who is presumably a trained journalist:

  4. Warren Joffe

    Before remembering another place to search I came across this http://aefweb.info/media804.html qv

    And if you want to read the first mentioned article you can find it at

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