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Dec 3, 2012




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43 thoughts on “Did I mention …

  1. Holden Back

    So it’s like your breakthrough album with Blair Smith Project? The award that just keeps giving.

    Congratulations, hope adulation is as much fun as it sounds!

  2. m8kin

    I still cannot figure out how you can hold that award without any opposable thumbs…

  3. drmick

    Could not have gone to a better pompous pretentious leftist. Congratulations Firsty.

  4. paddy

    Well I have to say FD, it was pretty poor form of SBS to not broadcast the Walkies live.
    And even poorer form to only mention you’d won in the final credits.
    But I can certainly forgive all that, now that you’ve finally been discovered by the wingnuts.
    Those comments are the gift that just keeps on giving.
    Who’d have thought they could even top Glen Milne?
    Oh the Lulz.

  5. Andybob

    A thoroughly deserved artificial construct. Although the particular cartoon was/is funny, sad and pregnant with self-revelation, I’d give you an award for consistency over the whole year (Best Clubman ?). Always something to make me laugh, then stop laughing because it’s about me, then smile and think about what to do to change. Thanks.

  6. secondsoprano

    I have been banging on about how excellent you are for YEARS. So that makes me officially an Excellent Judge of Excellence. Yay me. Where’s my award?

  7. drovers cat

    Brilliance always rewarded … eventually.
    Exceptionally well done,dog#1.
    These Walkie trophies are heavy aren’t they. I held one once – but it wasn’t mine …

  8. William

    Congratulations ‘Dog. You are a legend…

  9. zut alors

    Congrats, Mr Dog, that’s a handsome paperweight and should cause much coveting as it adorns your desk.

    A big raspberry to SBS for editing the telecast and only showing a glimpse of you at the very end.

  10. The Pav

    Now you’ve sold out to the Right by accepting a bourgeois award are you going to hand in tyoyre card carrying leftist card you little sell out lunar mutt you!

  11. ianjohnno1

    Not before time. Congrats.

  12. Kahomabu

    Congratulations Lovely First Dog! I was so thrilled when I got up Saturday morning and read the Walkley Winners; I’d so hoped you’d win for such a poignant and clever one. And I agree with Andybob, that you deserve it for consistency anyway. Woof!

  13. Harley

    Congratulations! It’s about damn time.

  14. leone

    Congratulations Mr Dog, well done. May there be many more awards in store for you.

  15. Boston the Dog

    No need for humility today Mr Dog! Congratulations.

    A double dose of “Frontline” under your collar this month!

  16. Mike Smith

    Congratulations FD. PS, most of the right wing-nuts turn out to be knurled knobs.

  17. zut alors

    This year it’s the Walkely, next year Cruft’s.

  18. Andrew L

    Prawns AND barramundi? Anyway, well done excellent firstdog!

  19. Alison White

    About time too – awesome news! Congratulations – I hope that Crikey can afford to keep paying you now…

  20. Holden Back

    Does the award really look like a stainless steel lobster claw on a tiny chest of drawers, or am I just having a Max Ernst kinda day?

  21. ernmalleyscat

    A truly deserved award. And wing nut recognition to boot! Score! Well done.

    Frame 3 is Excellence. Signed poster memento from the merch desk?

  22. Charles Kerr

    From now on, I want to see the First Dog in the Astronaut suit holding his Walkley. Woof.

  23. Holden Back

    Any wing-nut head explosions reported yet? That would be an awesome cartoon-ly power.

  24. zut alors

    Dogonauts, just when you think things can’t get any better read today’s item titled ‘Kroger’s Defo Case…”

  25. The Quiet One

    The cream always rises to the top. Well done firstdog, you thoroughly deserved the award.

  26. Kinkajou

    Good dog! Well done

  27. klewso

    This must be the equivalent to a “media night-hood”? Like Sir Joh got, only butt a reel won? And Anthony the Blunt?

    [….. this won’t change you? We don’t have to kiss the ring when we meet, out Walkies ….?]

  28. Holden Back

    Did Gerard Henderson pay for the cartoons of Nancy on his Media Watch Dog site?

  29. Shaniq'ua Shardonn'ay

    @Holden Back – Yep that award looks like it could double as a handy household tool, for unscrewing wing-nuts or somefing.
    Congrats Premiere Canine!

  30. First Dog On The Moon

    thanks you lot! i couldn’t have done it without you* when i get really i famous i will remember you fondly whoever you were

    *not true

  31. First Dog On The Moon

    no but seriously i love you guys

  32. Down and Out of Sài Gòn

    Superb to see such excellence recognized. Well done.

  33. Venise Alstergren

    Dear VID (very important dog) I’ve already congratulated you on two different web sites; I daresay you are really on the moon in the particular and the abstract.

    IMHO: Lefties are creative and rightards are negative. How many of the world’s great artists were/are right-wing? Bet Shakespeare was a leftie.

  34. Frank Birchall

    Congratulations First Dog, your cartoons always bring a smile (at least) to my face; a well-deserved win!

  35. Heathersb74

    Keep the adulation going…I’m VERY proud of you !

  36. Matt Hardin

    Congratulations, well deserved!

  37. PDGFD1

    MSN (Marsupial Support Network) events of THE night…
    Drooping ears due to lack of live coverage…
    Whiskers twitching waiting for THE category…
    Curled whiskers of fury at lack of speech… and then…

    JAZZ PAWS and Martinis aplenty

    Membership still getting over collective hangovers- but have asked me to drag myself from the burrow to say…
    CONGRATS (and Lord it over the wingnuts for next 12 months)!

    MSN Secretary-General

  38. First Mog on the Doona

    First Dog, you are a National Treasure! Hopefully you will host the Walkleys next year (remember to give Glenn Milne a shove), and the Logies the following year.

  39. paddy

    Outstanding comment work there dogonaughts.
    But the winner by a damp nose goes to Zut.

    [This year it’s the Walkely, next year Cruft’s.]

  40. Jenness Gardner

    Congratulations first dog! Well deserved. You ARE the best reason to subscribe to Crikey.

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