Nov 30, 2012

Julie Bishop on her own legal past: the interview with a partner

Julie Bishop, the former lawyer who has led the opposition's charge against Julia Gillard over the AWU scandal, clarifies to Crikey her statement that she has never had a relationship with a client.

Cathy Alexander — Freelance journalist and PhD candidate in politics at the University of Melbourne

Cathy Alexander

Freelance journalist and PhD candidate in politics at the University of Melbourne

Deputy Opposition Leader Julie Bishop “absolutely” stands by her claim she has never had a relationship with a client, despite attending a legal interview with her current partner (and former Perth lord mayor) Peter Nattrass in relation to how he obtained information on the criminal record of a council candidate.

Bishop led the opposition’s prolonged attack on Julia Gillard this week over her role in establishing a slush fund with then-partner Bruce Wilson in the 1990s. On Tuesday, Bishop told the media that unlike the Prime Minister she had never had a relationship with a client.

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34 thoughts on “Julie Bishop on her own legal past: the interview with a partner

  1. HB

    I just renewed my subscription – and then this.
    Is the point that Julie bishop should be held to the same standards of evidence about her behavious as the Prime Minister? I would conclude then that “there is no evidence” could be applied to both if the information in this piece is correct, based on the palaver we have had to endure this week.

  2. Holden Back

    More than enough evidence . . . I demand she prove her innocence.

  3. Lady White Peace

    Why does Julie Bishop get away with what she did or didn’t do when she was in a top legal firm and had boyfriends that “accidentally ” got hold of records that they shouldn’t have, plus all of the other information in today’s Crikey on the subject.
    Why has this information come out on the last day of sitting?? Why isn’t it pursued by the Newspapers and as hotly debated as the Julia saga?? Bias? Discrimination?
    People in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones!
    The Pot calling the kettle black etc.,
    Why is POT Julie Bishop calling the KETTLE Julia Gillard Black and GETTING AWAY WITH IT?

  4. drmick

    Law for one and smear for the other. None of your business for some and a spanish inquisition in a kangaroo court for another. There is no “class” in their classless society and on a two party preferred basis, the majority want her and her friends running the show. Go figure?

  5. barbs

    People in glass houses? I think the game should be over now – it’s long become dreary and repetitive.
    Glad you learned the lesson finally, Julie. All of us have moments in our past which could easily be misconstrued, and it’s sooooo difficult to prove our innocence after 20 years, isn’t it?

  6. zut alors

    I’m convinced no evidence will ever be dug up that Bish0p had a relationship with a client – who would admit it?

  7. puddleduck


    I think the Bishop has been hanging around with the wrong Knights – look where it gets here.

  8. JMNO

    Isn’t the point that Gillard thought she was acting for the AWU in that she was acting for two of their officials?

  9. Lady White Peace

    THERE IS NO POINT JMNO in pursuing this any longer… whoever she was acting for if you read what a regular lawyer says… it is normal practice in legal firms. I think we need to stop asking who or what she did or didn’t do.. because it has been hashed to death.
    Media needs to be whipped for not asking Julie Bishop to ” please explain and prove your innocence” But they won’t and we know why .

  10. beachcomber

    I wouldn’t trust any lawyer who acted for a company mining asbestos, years after the health effects were widely known, Julie Bishop included.

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