Nov 30, 2012

Eighth time lucky? Leveson reports, Cameron stonewalls

Lord Justice Leveson has turned his highly anticipated report into the UK press over to the government, which now faces difficult questions over state-backed regulation.

Paul Barry

Journalist, author and Media Watch host

Seven inquiries in 70 years haven’t done much to improve Britain’s toxic tabloids. But Lord Justice Leveson is hoping the eighth — his blockbuster report released in Britain overnight — will do the trick.


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7 thoughts on “Eighth time lucky? Leveson reports, Cameron stonewalls

  1. klewso

    Who’ll be the final judge of “bonkers”?
    And self-regulation doesn’t work without a conscience – how are they going to transplant one of them into their amoral media?

  2. John Bennetts

    Klewso: Read the summary. Your objections have been considered.

    Regarding conscience transplants, the report envisages commercial implications for those who have no conscience. It is at the core of the recommendations.

  3. Peter Shute

    But what about our media in Australia ? .Led by the same people who have debased Britains’s media ?

    Our craven Fairfax who wallow in the gutter with News Ltd yet have an arrogance that they can do no wrong. Or the ABC which wishes to join this lot ?

    It isn’t just the innocent who are pilloried by the media- the guilty are dragged through the gutter as rags like the Herald Sun & Daily Telegraph demand they be put in stocks and ‘shamed’ or humiliated, unlike themselves of course as the arrested hacks in Britain and their colleagues whinge about being arrested at 7am (just like everyone else is).

    Oh to be a builder or electrician or drug maker and have this much freedom to force politicians to do their bidding.

  4. AR

    duhhh, recommendations that pollies not be beholden to meeja magnates.
    And, let the heavens crack, Camoron rejects the major point.

  5. klewso

    Media moguls have every right to run their empires as suits their purposes – except where there is virtually no competition (like here) in a market, with it’s influence, such as “viewspapers” (Tony Windsor doesn’t read The Australian – his “family still uses Sorbent” – if he can see their worth why can’t ABC journalists, who quote it as if it has gravitas?).
    In those cases “competition” is superceded by “greater resonsibility” – to keep the electorate fully, frankly and in a balanced way, before they vote in an informed manner.
    An engendered, cultivated, nurtured partisan ignorance does a democracy no good.
    Yes, Cameron, with his connections, is stone-walling. While the viewspapers handle your/party’s PR you’re less likely to stand up to them – as Blair would have done … the same, while he was playing “Rupert Says” and benefitting. What sort of monetary value can ewe put on that sort of PR – even if the “interest payments” can get a bit sticky?

  6. Ian

    There is lazy media and there is informative media and unfortunately in Australia the later is hard to find – probably more so than nearly all so-called democratic countries. This is what the mainstream politicians like and this is why there will be no decent control of the corporate media in this country or the UK. The populace likes it that way too it seems as in spite of their griping they do little better inform themselves through alternative media.

  7. Ian

    Sorry latter not later. And then TO better inform themselves.

    I should check my posts more carefully in the future.

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