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Nov 30, 2012

Crikey says: Parliament scores a fail

Speaking of having questions to answer, we had some for Julie Bishop. Lawyers reckon Julia Gillard's legal practice is not all that unusual. Lord Leveson puts David Cameron in a bind on media regulation. Why a Hobbit rules New Zealand. And Guy Rundle's in Montreal. We hate him.

A group of kids at an unfashionable state school in a poor part of the outer suburbs wonder if they can get the kind of education that will let them get ahead. An ageing mother of a disabled adult worries constantly that, when she's gone, there won't be enough financial support to give her child a decent life. A person with sporadic mental health problems finds they can't get the support they need until things are really bad. An indigenous person would like some more legal recognition of the role of the first Australians. A farmer and a conservationist worry about what will happen when the next big drought hits the Murray-Darling Basin. A man watches his wife head down to the pokies -- he knows she's got some of the rent in her handbag. A lawyer helps her boyfriend set up a slush fund 17 years ago, which is later rorted. All these issues were before Parliament this week -- the last sitting week until February. We all know which one dominated the democratic process and soaked up all the political capital, all the energy, all the time. As Andrew Wilkie said yesterday:
"I think it's regrettable that the discussion about Julia Gillard and AWU has swamped everything else because it's also been a week of other big issues, including finally getting poker machine reform through the Parliament."
Yes, we've covered the AWU scandal here at Crikey-- precisely because it has dominated Parliament. We're covering it today. But as Bernard Keane writes, many "policy issues of substance and import" fell by the wayside this week as politicians obsessed over the politics.


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2 thoughts on “Crikey says: Parliament scores a fail

  1. AR

    You didn’t just cover it, you devoted acres of coverage to crap that would shame a budgie’s cage.
    Can you now concentrate on reality?
    Clearly BK’s endless applications to be a Mudorc hack have been unsuccessful.

  2. The Pav

    I think you should correct the statement

    “many “policy issues of substance and import” fell by the wayside this week as politicians obsessed over the politics

    The truth its that the opposition obsessed over this non-iissue.

    Don’t blame the govt for their failings.

    I think an analyisi of the tactic that the opposition trashes parliamnet on the principal that they don’t have to worry as the blame will be apportioned equally on the the ;ines ” Their all terrible”

    In that enviroment of cynicism people are more likely to vote against the govt as the “the mess is all the govt’s fault”.

    Its a win/win tactic for the opposition unless the blame is truely and accurately sheeted home and made prominent

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