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Nov 28, 2012




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15 thoughts on “NAPLAN: What every parent needs to know

  1. Andybob

    At my daughters school they dont teach to Naplan with the result that when the test is administered the kiddies still havent covered some parts of the curriculum. The teachers are as up front about it as people who can’t actually say “We think Naplan is a crock” can be. But it drives my ex totally bonkers.

    Also if building vehicles which turn out to be used in bank robberies is wrong, then why are we spending so much on car manufacturing subsidies ?

  2. zut alors

    The final frame: it’s a picture of a Coalition MP who has bitten off more than they can chew.

  3. Crispy

    That’s just fabulous. Worthy of the fridge. Except in two weeks I won’t recognise any of the political references because something something short media cycle harrumph. Also I am old, and confused.


  4. Stevo the Working Twistie

    I love the smell of Naplan in the morning. I have it on my toast – just a thin croquembouche though.

  5. Andrew L

    Apparently in chess as in politics, the only move a bishop can make is to wander off on a tangent…

    Whereas according to wikipedia “Stinking Bishop is a soft washed-rind cheese produced since 1972 by Charles Martell and Son at Laurel Farm, Dymock, Gloucestershire in the South West of England.”

  6. Holden Back

    Cows come home surprisingly early, if they’re used to being milked.

  7. Holden Back

    @Andrew L, it’s also a pear variety used for making perry.

  8. John Bennetts

    Bottom RHS: “Use 2B or HB pencil only.”

    Sure that wasn’t meant to read “Use 2B or not 2B Pencil…”?

  9. Venise Alstergren

    I used to get NAPLAN mixed up with NAPLAM. Looks as if they both have a similar effect; a deadening feeling.

  10. Mike Smith

    @Zut: it’s 0.0144927536231884 approximately.

    (do a reciprocal on that, and you’ll understand)

  11. drovers cat

    Yes Zut – and look at that snake’s death stare

  12. drmick

    Teachers complaining about NAPLAN,infantile morons faecal finger painting & hoping for the Mona Lisa and Brevik complaining about his disposable pen not being very good…….A bit like the belanglo forrester cutting his finger off in protest…wtf cares?

  13. Kevin Tyerman

    Which questions specifically need to be answered?

    (a) Glare at the interviewer for asking that question specifically.

    (b) Shuffle your feet and stare at the ground.

    (c) The ones that were avoided by not being asked at the free-for-all press conference.

    (d) The ones we haven’t thought of yet.

    (e) We won’t release our specific policies until closer to the election.

  14. fractious

    I thought they’d banned lead in pencils in schools (or was that milk?). Something about brain damage? I used to love technical drawing at school, lots of lead pencils from 4B all the way out to 5H. Probably explains something.

  15. Mike Smith

    @Fractious: OTOH, ‘not enough lead in your pencil’ is a euphemism.


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