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Nov 23, 2012

Crikey says: Abbott had to be on his own

We must be tough -- but this tough? Amnesty paints a depressing picture of Nauru to Crikey. A key lawyer at the Leveson inquiry tells us what has to change in the media. What to expect from next week's Doha climate talks (not much). And how Helen Garner cheated death.

Tony Abbott, June 27:
"We also think it makes sense to offer people who are prepared to try to come to Australia the right way, rather than the wrong way, more opportunity to do so."
Tony Abbott, yesterday:
"This is the last message that we should be sending to the people smugglers and their customers, that we are making it easier for people to come. [We've got an] out-of-control budget as well as out-of-control borders, and by not increasing the intake in this way, we would save, on the government's own figures, something like $1.3 billion a year over the forward estimates."
Sensible in June, unworkable and wasteful in November. That's quite a backflip. Not content Labor had effectively adopted the entirety of John Howard's Pacific Solution, that after years of bitter division a position of relative bipartisanship had been reached, Abbott decided he needed a point of difference. In vowing to cut the humanitarian intake by 6000 -- even after an independent panel of experts concluded upping it to 20,000 could help discourage deadly boat journeys -- he now has it. Combined with a plan to put those in Australia on bridging visas to work -- for no pay. Both sides of politics have reached the conclusion Australia's approach to asylum seekers must be tough, cruel even, to maintain border integrity and save lives. Abbott's over-reach is simply the worst kind of politics.


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3 thoughts on “Crikey says: Abbott had to be on his own

  1. Malcolm Street

    It’s an obvious response to the Government making things tougher. Go tougher still. When will the Government learn that they can’t win on this one?

  2. David Hand

    Abbott, Abbott, Abbott, Abbott, Abbott, Abbott.

    You are certainly doing your bit for the ALP.

    Memo to Crikey.
    Julia Gillard is running the country. The ALP is in government.

  3. AR

    Having tried to out nasty MM, as dumb a tactic as mud wrestling a pig whilst dressing in white taffeta, why is anyone surprised that our very own Torquemada wannabe can lower the bar to snake belly impossibility?
    It’s impossible to win a shit fight with shit for ethics types like MM & his preening his rival, for leadership and vicious brainlessness, Mott Scorrison.

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