Nov 21, 2012

Media briefs: Bolt beats ABC’s Insiders … Fairfax Googles fix …

Bolt beats ABC ... Fairfax goes Gmail ... front page of the day ...

Bolt the real Insider on ratings. With only an couple of episodes to go to the end the 2012 TV ratings season, right-wing ranter Andrew Bolt has had a good year. Oztam figures up to last Sunday show there has been a 11%-plus rise in viewing of his program on Sundays (the 10am broadcast and then the 4.30pm repeat) in metro markets. He’s done better this year than Insiders, where he used to feature before he was seduced by Ten to star in The Bolt Report.

His program has so far averaged in 2012 a total of 272,000 people in both screenings, up from the 258,000 who watched in 2011, when the program started. The 10am program has seen a near 12% rise in viewers, to 143,000 from 128,000, while there has been a slight fall in the audience for the 4.30pm repeat to 129,000 from 130,000. Insiders total Sunday audience (in three screenings) has fallen to 261,000 this year from 267,000 in 2011.

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6 thoughts on “Media briefs: Bolt beats ABC’s Insiders … Fairfax Googles fix …

  1. tonyfunnywalker

    The loss of audience for the Insiders is not surprising. I have alerted Cassidy already as to why.

    1. Its is boring and Cassidy seems to give an airing to the most boring of commentators from News Ltd, Christopher Pearson in particular. He is a major turnoff factor.

    2. On a Sunday morning viewers need to be informed and entertained and there needs to some creation of excitment.

    3. Its needs an injection of new blood and I suggest that Lee Sales would be a great anchor as she has taken 730 Report to new heights after the demise of Kerry. ( even my wife watches it again).

    Finally I suggest you look at the listening audience as it may be that some Insider listeners have their use of media and have switched to News Radio.

  2. Matthew of Canberra

    “I have alerted Cassidy already as to why”

    Well, he insists of having a fact-based discussion about matters in the news – as long as he does that, the crowd that just wants to be told what to think (and that everyone else is evil/stupid) by an unfriendly man with a loud voice will have to look elsewhere.

  3. Liz45

    Sometimes I seriously wonder about people! Occasionally I watch channel 10, but it drives me nuts? Maybe I’m in the wrong age group????? I’m disappointed in the Bolt ratings????One day…..people might wake up to him! I find him repugnant.

    I won’t watch Insiders while Piers Ackerman is on it – can’t bear him either!

  4. jmendelssohn

    I tend to watch Insiders later on iView, as Sunday morning’s Radio National is such good listening.
    Also I can’t stand looking at Gerard Henderson, Michael Sutchbury or Piers Ackerman without the support of a stiff drink.

  5. klewso

    If “40%” of us are rusted-on conservative voters, I would have thought Blot’s figures would have been better – that demographic getting all the news they need from there as well as Limited News?

  6. Gerry Hatrick, OAP

    [Bolt now attracts more viewers in total than Insiders on ABC TV does]
    Nope. You assume all the viewers are distinct.
    [Insiders’ ABC1 audience from 9 to 10am has fallen 11.7% to 173,000 this year (still well ahead of Bolt)]
    I like that the pretty much only comparable figure is hidden deep in the second paragraph. Well Done!

    It’s not like a political audience on Sunday morning can watch both, and therefore, the most comparable item would be the two sunday morning shows against each other, but hey, let’s not let Statistics get in the way

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