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Nov 21, 2012

Bolt beats Insiders, thanks to his defender Lachlan

The Bolt Report now attracts more viewers in total than Insiders on ABC TV does. It's been a good year for the right-wing ranter.


With only an couple of episodes to go to the end the 2012 TV ratings season, right-wing ranter Andrew Bolt has had a good year. Oztam figures up to last Sunday show there has been a 11%-plus rise in viewing of his program on Sundays (the 10am broadcast and then the 4.30pm repeat) in metro markets. He’s done better this year than Insiders, where he used to feature before he was seduced by Ten to star in The Bolt Report.

His program has so far averaged in 2012 a total of 272,000 people in both screenings, up from the 258,000 who watched in 2011, when the program started. The 10am program has seen a near 12% rise in viewers, to 143,000 from 128,000, while there has been a slight fall in the audience for the 4.30pm repeat to 129,000 from 130,000. Insiders total Sunday audience (in three screenings) has fallen to 261,000 this year from 267,000 in 2011.

Bolt now attracts more viewers in total than Insiders on ABC TV does. Insiders‘ ABC1 audience from 9 to 10am has fallen 11.7% to 173,000 this year (still well ahead of Bolt) from 195,000 in 2011. The News 24 simulcast audience is up more than 21% to 56,000 from 46,000 and the evening repeat on News 24 has up more than 27% to 32,000 from 26,000. On several occasions in the past three months, Bolt’s 10am audience has exceeded that of Insiders which has fallen into a bit of trough since midyear.

Bolt is a favourite of Ten’s chairman and 8.9% shareholder Lachlan Murdoch and big shareholder Gina Rinehart. He has remained on air because of the rise in the audiences, but despite being an obvious cost cut in the recent review of the news and current affairs side of Ten. Small non-prime time news programs are always easy targets in “reviews” or cost cuts. Most have no defenders higher up and are a cheap way to send a message to the rest of the company about the severity of the cost cutting. They are more a symbolic than significant saving.

But because Bolt has support from the board, his program stays. And remember Lachlan Murdoch is also a director of News Corp, which controls, for the moment, News Ltd which controls the Herald Sun where Bolt’s rantings are published.


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30 thoughts on “Bolt beats Insiders, thanks to his defender Lachlan

  1. NL

    All this proves is that hardly anyone wants to waste their Sunday watching TV?

  2. wilful

    seriously, who has time to watch a politics show on Sunday morning? The elderly only. young people are getting over their hangovers and middle aged people are busy with their kids.

  3. Scott

    I am 26. I simply have it set to record on my Set-Top box and watch at a more convenient time.

  4. Scott

    Ohh I meant Insiders. I’d gouge my eyes out before watching Bolt.

  5. floorer

    I’d love to know how truly accurate tv ratings are. Not particularly because of the programmes compared here but because there’s a lot of bilge on I’m told is popular.

  6. Buddy

    With so many others ways to view TV now, how accurate are ratings? I’ll frequently catch insiders on IVIEW for instance. As another commentor noted, they record and watch later. There must surely be a better way to determine viewing audience by now..!

  7. tonyfunnywalker

    you can also listen on radio as well.

  8. Holden Back

    I’m Insiders natural demographic, but stopped watching because there were so many sad tw#ts on it, spouting garbage. Shallow, and tediously partisan and ‘controversial’ with no substantial analysis of policy outside those terms. Better things to do with a Sunday morning.

  9. Cuppa

    Liberal popping of champagne over these results might be premature.

    Anyone not already firmly in the Liberal camp could not watch the ‘show’ without throwing up.

    So it’s unlikely to swing any more votes their way, no matter how earnestly Bolt tries.

  10. John P

    Blah, Blah, Blah to all those that question the ratings and watch on iview or listen on the radio. I watch Bolt on you tube and that isn’t counted as part of the ratings. So before you start carrying on, questioning the ratings have a think before you rant and make fools of yourselves. Fact is middle class Australia is sick and tired of the left and the GetUp crew trying to hijack the moral high ground, Bolt knows this and attracts the sensible silent majority who are sick of left wing nutters trying to ruin this country.

  11. John P

    Glen Dyer what makes Bolt Right Wing? I never hear of him spewing hate or harm to people like many of your friends of the left who like to conduct violent protests, ie union groups and anti development groups. They are the left wing nutters you never mention.

  12. Mk8adelic

    Watch insiders from overseas on Aust network – not sure if ratings pick it up.. Just thankful I don’t have to suffer bolt on it any more. Hopefully someone offers piers ackerman something similar … Senility soapbox news? Speaks volumes about l murdoch who can’t seem to manage anything – he’s like the kiss of death to any business he’s involved in

  13. Holden Back

    I’m Insiders natural demographic, but stopped watching because there were so many fools on it, spouting garbage. Shallow, and tediously partisan and ‘controversial’ with no substantial analysis of policy outside those terms. Better things to do with a Sunday morning.

  14. Hugh (Charlie) McColl

    On the other hand Buddy, does it really matter that more people watch Bolt than Insiders? Or that Today Tonight is more watched than Four Corners? Or that advertizers get ripped off by commercial TV stations?

  15. Palindromeman

    Oh dear, Glenn Dyer – over at his blog Bolt has seized on your column, highlighting how much this must have “hurt” you to write. He also brings our his ever-hilarious “I’m not right wing, I’m a conservative” meme – as usual never explaining what he thinks is the difference. All in all, just another day of narcissism over at Planet Bolt.

  16. Gocomsys

    ABC Insiders. A program designed for churnalists by churnalists regurgitating other churnalists vain endeavours. No wonder that even the Blot rants rate higher.

  17. Edward James

    I run two hard disk drives thinking about a third and fourth, and watch the scraps! I am independently wealthy, hence not subject to crap media. Ratings are crap! And have been since we could FF ads. Do you wish to argue? Edward James then call me 0243419140 BTW the witch to digital on the central coast will excite people who pay.

  18. Zeehan

    Glenn Dyer, to label Andrew Bolt a right-wing ranter says more about you and your writing ability than it does about Andrew Bolt. His views would be considered conservative, and the fact that his show now gets more viewers than Insiders adds weight to the claim by many that Insiders is just a left-wing propaganda program. I don’t watch Insiders any more because I was always looking for balance but was seriously let down.

  19. Edward James

    Sorry the word is switch I know someone who can spell will correct me on my speeling Edward james

  20. Orkneygal

    Why is it that so many Federal Ministers refuse to appear on Mr Bolt’s highly watched show?

  21. Steve777

    Maybe we should add in the radio audience for the repeat of Insiders on ABC Newsradio at 11:00 Sunday morning. That might put it back in the lead. I regularly drive from Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs to the Central Coast at that time most Sundays and always tune to Insiders (although my passengers would prefer music).

  22. Edward James

    So Steve777 do you or your passengers ever have the opportunity to read any of the ducks crossing publications? Who are in contrast to News Limited Publications Edward james

  23. Suzanne Blake

    I am not surprised. Insiders is totally baised, they only interview Labor MPs and Ministers and always have more left leaning panels. The compaare is also an ex Labor staffer.

    Bolt is also an ex labor staffer, but at least he is balanced

  24. Suzanne Blake

    Edward James – ABC Digital is hopeless on the Central Coast. Every other day I get dropouts, some lasting seconds, some lasting minutes. This does not happen with other channels. I have complained to ACMA, Free TV and ABC and NOTHING happens. They query my aerial, which is perfect for the other channels and I have line of sight to the tower at Gosford.

  25. Robert Groom

    My dad and I use to be avid watchers of the Insiders. It has now fallen into the same old ABC ways of being a mouth-piece for the left. It is no longer balanced which was what made it interesting.

  26. icer

    Well, as John Stewart likes to say, reality has a left-wing bias.

  27. Apollo

    Hey, Suz, my cousin from Seattle said that you’ve been campaigning for the GOP & Romney during the election, there was Suzanne who write just the same informative comments as you do US website.

    I wonder if you & B-o.l.t ever claimed that the government should re-open Nauru because it will work, and immigration department advice against it as an ineffective solution was wrong?

  28. Edward James

    Suzanne Blake 24 Ask your neighbors if they are experiencing the same problem at the same time as you with the same channels. If yes you may be confident the problem is related to the digital signal they may be doing some fine tuning. If no then consider you may be tuned in to a “ghost signal” ABC not from Gosford. Some digital tuners when searching for signals will identify the signal numerically others just display a progress bar. There are three transmitters looking into the area around Gosford Mt Rumbalarah, Boudi, and Foresters Beach. http://WWW.australia.gov.au/digitalready freecall 1800 20 10 13 Edward James

  29. Gerry Hatrick, OAP

    Erm, how is adding both screenings together valid? We can read above that some particularly loony types probably record it and watch it whilst crying themselves to sleep wanting all the brown people to go back to where they came from

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