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Nov 20, 2012



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23 thoughts on “How many times to do I have to explain this to you Australia?

  1. Holden Back

    Twisted Knickers on a High Horse!

    With a smidge of Sgt. Pepper’s.

  2. ianjohnno1

    We have been in a logorrhoeic spiral for quite some time. An AFWOFFLE party would be same-horse-different-colours.

  3. klewso

    Rudd-Turnbull – who gets top billing in their “The R-T Far Tea Party”?

    [“Can I be Communications Minister?”
    Godwin Grech]

  4. Mike Smith

    Mrs Slocum with laser eyes.

  5. rhwombat

    FD, you’re channelling Jasper again, though I do like the grinding logorrhoeic vortex (oooh!diphthongs!)and the AFWOFFL (No E, Ian).

  6. paddy

    Damn it FD. I was really *REALLY* hoping you’d made up logorrhoeic.
    Now I’m utterly petrified that there really *is* an AFWOFFL party.

    Couldn’t we just go back to a kinder, simpler political era?
    You know, the one where a powerfox barks at a poo-flinging monkey.

  7. Plonkoclock

    Klewso, top marks for RT Far Tea Party!I think you have to register, as there is every chance it will happen, with or without RT!

  8. zut alors

    Who’d want the top jobs anyway? It requires being civil to the Oz media.

    Ruddster and Mal are probably better off where they are – paradoxically, still in the spotlight but at the same time being out of it. While their fans cheer from the sidelines and lament what might have been.

    Having said that, I miss Kev.

  9. Venise Alstergren

    FD: I just have to (AF) WOFFL on about a terrific ‘toon. Well done.

  10. Holden Back

    BLH Frame: “But then I won’t be complaining, you can see my problem.”

  11. ernmalleyscat

    I look forward to Mal and Kevvy producing a series of Hamish and Andy-style hi-jinks travel specials but with a high brow twist.
    It would rate its little bottom off.

  12. Holden Back

    @EMC, no I’d prefer a post-modern Flanders & Swann entertainment. Assuming one of them plays the piano.

  13. Stevo the Working Twistie

    Both MT and KR have been known to suffer bouts of explosive logorrhoea. Quite messy.

    Also, spell check thought logorrhoea should be gonorrhea. Spell check is wise but inscrutable, like a digital Delphi.

  14. zut alors

    Holden and EMC, I reckon Mal is more likely to be the ivory-tickler with The Ruddster accompanying on a kazoo.

  15. drmick

    Klewso nailed it.
    The smirkle on Turnbull looks like he has a permanently unpleasant smell under his nose; a perfumed fart if you will.
    Both are employees of Voldemort so anything they say will appear in the Oz/ch9/on a toilet wall & be examined at length by the best liars money can buy before they say it. The irony of these dogs dry leg rooting on the ABC was delicious

  16. klewso

    Now as ever “MT vessels make the most noise”.
    But how would they settle their leadership tossel, egos at 10 paces? Who’d win that fight?

  17. Andybob

    Roman Consuls got to command on alternate days. Plus you get to wear a sheet and sandals with leaves in your hair. Both of them first among equals. Let them appoint a cabinet outside Parliament so we can get real talent like Clive, Gina and that Williamson bloke from the HSU involved in running the country. Cut the public in on a percentage of what they can rip off from foreigners and we can all retire at thirty (those of us older than thirty get to retrospectively retire).

  18. Andrew L

    Mah pussy and the ghost of Jasper would never find common ground… The fur would fly in a most amusing way…

  19. Fascinated

    Extraordinary insight into the public’s thinking FD.

    R-T-Far-Tea Party…just imagine the business card!!

  20. Holden Back

    Andf think of the sub-editors’ puns on duumvirate, Andybob!

  21. Hominoid

    Yes, we people are on drugs. How else do we cope with tedium and mediocrity, and the unsettling feeling that Kruddy and Buddy ain’t the saviours? How soon we forgot that they were abject failures, only to be replaced by slightly less abject failures. It is our fault. How depressing.

  22. Henry Casingbroke

    Kevvy is a man of iron discipline, having resisted pulling the dead spider on Q & A.


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