Nov 19, 2012

Latham’s Bolt Watch: ‘He will say and do anything to get at Gillard’

In round two of Bolt Watch, Mark Latham takes on more assertions made by blogger Andrew Bolt over the Julia Gillard AWU story.

Mark Latham

Political commentator and former Labor leader

For those who tuned in lately, ex-Labor leader Mark Latham has turned his special skills toward analysing blogger Andrew Bolt’s crusade to bring down Julia Gillard over the Slater & Gordon AWU story. Latham claims to have uncovered a series of false, ridiculous and “outright outrageous” information on Bolt’s blog, a claim rejected by Bolt in a lively exchange of emails and telephone calls between the pair.

In Friday’s Crikey, Latham tackled a series of assertions made by the News Limited polemicist. Welcome to round two of Latham’s Bolt Watch.

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38 thoughts on “Latham’s Bolt Watch: ‘He will say and do anything to get at Gillard’

  1. klewso

    “Logic”? Blot’s been reading the dictionary again?

  2. Matthew of Canberra

    “he thought it might have been true, so he decided to say it was true”

    Well … at least he _thought_ it might be true. That is a sort of standard, at least.

  3. tinman_au

    “Well … at least he _thought_ it might be true. That is a sort of standard, at least.”

    In Boltland, many things are true, mostly because Andrew wills them into existence (in that regard he’s kinda like a god…or maybe the Wizard of Oz).

  4. Matthew of Canberra

    The backdated PoA doesn’t even make sense. If it didn’t exist at the time of the property transfer, then it wasn’t relevant (or needed). So it either DID exist, or it wasn’t needed for the purchase and there’d have been no need to fake it after the fact. So why did the “donor” sign it at all, if he was in the dark about its purpose?

    As smoking guns go, this one’s more like a cigarette butt.

  5. BSA Bob

    And Bolt can’t lose, can he? At least not in his own mind & in those of his “supporters”. Any failure on his part WILL be seen & presented as another low blow by those dastardly lefties.

  6. Harry1951

    Bolt might consider a career in writing fantasy-or fiction at least. Assuming his political views are genuinely held the man will seemingly go to great lengths to try to persuade his readership. Unfortunately, mud sticks when thrown in sufficient quantities sufficiently often.
    Apalling man!

  7. Gauss

    Matthew of Canberra

    Are you serious mate. You don’t think the vendor’s solicitor would have wanted to see the POA before the transaction was completed. Get real.

  8. Gauss

    Question for you Mark Latham?

    Why are you harassing Bolt and not the 3 journalists who are making the running on this. Vis: –

    1. Hedley Thomas of The Australian.
    2. Mark Baker of Fairfax.
    3. Michael Smith of

  9. Matthew of Canberra


    I tend to agree. In which case the PoA _must_ have existed, and must have been signed and dated, before the transaction took place. So why would anyone need to back-date it? That’s why I don’t think the story makes any sense.

  10. Gauss

    Question for the Prime Minister. Perhaps you could pass it on to her Mark Latham.

    The existence if the sham Western Australian AWU Workplace Reform Association entity was not known to the AWU or the police till after Apr 1996 when its account was discovered by an employee of the Commonwealth Bank.

    As redacted excerpts from your exit interview with Slater & Gordon in Sep 1995 are now in the public arena and these show you knew of Bruce Wilson’s wrongdoing in respect of Victorian accounts at this time, why didn’t you report the existence of the Western Australian entity, you helped set up, to the AWU and the police.

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