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Nov 19, 2012

Crikey says: Rupert Murdoch and those tweets

Con jobs are everywhere. Con jobs aimed at taking away your right to make your own health choices. On forestry jobs. Is Andrew Bolt a con job? See if Mark Latham convinces you. But at least one of our writers -- the inimitable Guy Rundle -- is in a more forgiving frame of mind as he brings you his updated Schadenfreude Files.

And into the highly sensitive, bloody and heartbreaking Middle East conflict wades the world’s most powerful media figure, Rupert Murdoch.

We’re not even sure what he’s on about with his “Jewish owned press” tweet. But these tweets, mysterious as some of them are, provide an insightful window into Murdoch’s stance on Israel, and his view on the blurry line between news and opinion.

Murdoch apologises “unreservedly”, if unconvincingly, for claiming the Jewish-owned press is anti-Israel. Perhaps he is apologising for the wrong thing. PerhapsĀ he should look closer to home for media outlets consistently taking a certain line on the conflict in the Middle East.

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4 thoughts on “Crikey says: Rupert Murdoch and those tweets

  1. klewso

    Another most humble day of his life?

  2. Pete from Sydney

    just a question ..why is an unreserved apology ‘unconvincing’ or kind of? What else would a person need to do to make Crikey happy?

  3. zut alors

    Mordoch accusing the press of bias! Please make him stop, I’m laughing harder than when having my foot tickled, the sensation is exquisite.