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Nov 16, 2012

How News Ltd despairs at Gillard's success

Labor is looking more like a government than at any time since 2009. And some don't like it -- mainly the editors of The Australian and The Daily Telegraph.


There are times when one wonders exactly what is going on inside the head of Tony Abbott, an intelligent, well-educated and highly politically experienced man who periodically says the most bizarre things.

It’s as if deep within him there’s a raging id that, despite the best efforts of his conscious mind, once in a while manages to break through. This week he turned a perfectly sensible reflection about how good it would be to have representatives of remote communities in the national parliament into an insult to one of his own MPs and the impression he was categorising Aboriginal people by “authenticity”.

He did, however, have sufficient political nous to get on the front foot on the child abuse royal commission issue on Monday, and since then has repeatedly rejected the idea that sanctity of the confessional should always be maintained. For a so-called “Captain Catholic”, Abbott looks a lot like the rest of us.

In spite of that, talk has now turned to the need for him to change his strategy, or indeed for the Liberals to change leaders. That may be tricky in the short-term. Next week is a weird Parliamentary half-session, when the Senate alone will be sitting, probably guaranteeing the best Press Gallery attendance at Senate Question Time for years but depriving us of the usual formal political theatre of House of Reps Question Time; that returns the following week, the final of the year. With no immediate prospects for the normal end-of-year political killings (three years in a row! ouch!), it’ll be Christmas parties and those cloying end-of-year speeches when everyone declares how fond they are of the people they’ve spent most of the year relentlessly attacking.

Abbott did use this week to launch a small business policy, although it was more a policy to have a policy, since the policy was to increase the rate of growth in the numbers of small business; this morning he launched a discussion paper on online protection of children, which at least avoided the temptation to purport to regulate the internet. It’s a start in reversing the “relentless negativity”.

The Prime Minister spent the week announcing the royal commission, catching up with Hillary Clinton, having a successful community cabinet meeting in Brisbane mainly devoted to using Campbell Newman as a piñata and explaining to the Business Council the government’s narrative around the Asian Century white paper. While a lot of the focus of Labor’s return in the polls has focused on Labor’s effective targeting of Abbott, Gillard has looked a lot more Prime Ministerial of late — less reactive, more like she has a clear agenda and is capable of implementing it. There are still the usual Labor tricks and spin — the Gonski reforms bill is a childish piece of stunt legislation — but it looks more like a government now than it has at any time since 2009.

That of course isn’t welcome in some quarters. The possibility — discounted by so many of us over the last eighteen months — that Gillard could actually win the next election is now being seriously entertained. It’s a nightmare scenario that may keep two individuals, in particular, awake at night — Chris Mitchell and Paul Whittaker. A Gillard victory would be disastrous for The Australian and The Daily Telegraph in particular, because it would demonstrate their lack of influence. The Australian is losing readers and revenue and has been sacking staff left and right (OK, right and right). All it has left is its status as an influential outlet, one that other journalists, producers and editors (particularly at the ABC) feel obliged to take seriously.

Without that, it is merely a right-wing blog, a Catallaxy Files with more pictures and less intellectual rigour.

Thus the increasingly desperate smear campaign against the Prime Minister, on the back of orders to journalists to always ask the Prime Minister about the AWU matter. It even follows her overseas: at a press conference in Bali last week, The Australian’s Jakarta correspondent actually appeared to apologise in advance for raising it — the conference transcript reads “my second question is — because I am from The Australian — with Slater & Gordon (inaudible) why didn’t you contact (inaudible)?”

A final point, possibly off-topic, possibly not. Malcolm Turnbull spoke in Melbourne earlier this week at the 30th anniversary of the Jewish Museum, and posted the speech online this morning. The speech, which has nothing to do with politics, is urbane, learned, witty and insightful. The contrast, not merely with Abbott and Gillard, but with pretty much everyone else in Australian politics, is enormous.



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72 thoughts on “How News Ltd despairs at Gillard’s success

  1. Jimmy

    “Gillard has looked a lot more Prime Ministerial of late — less reactive, more like she has a clear agenda and is capable of implementing it.” Anybody else think that this is largely becuase she has been able to get all the initiatives started by Rudd out of the way and now sheis onto things she wanted to do as PM?

    And Abbott’s “start in reversing the “relentless negativity”” is just more of the same. His plan to have more small businesses is like his goal to “get the econonomy growing again”, there is no policy to say how he would achieve his goal nor any reasoning as to whether his goal is of any value.

    People are starting to see through Abbott and until he actually has some policies that make sense he will contine this decline, Turnbull’s ruminations are far from coincidental.

  2. Coaltopia

    Yeah, the Newscorpse is starting to smell. Seems Terry McCrann is now a caricature of himself with recent choice phrases such as: “Starting with the Big Lie that would have made Goebbels blush, the term Carbon Pollution.”

    Extra points for capitalisation.

  3. Jimmy

    Coaltopia – “Seems Terry McCrann is now a caricature of himself” This seems to indicate that Terry McCrann was once credible.

    That fool has no qualifications which is why he has to call himself a “business commentator”.

    I do agree that since the ALP has been in power he has become more foolish by abusing the RBA for getting it wrong (whichever way they went), abusing the govt for providing too much stimulous while simultaneously claiming that if you removed the mining sector we would be in recession (while also saying even with the mining sector we are about to go into recession) and claiming that the Carbon and mining tax are going to destroy the economy despite all evidence to the contrary – surely the only people who take him serously are those who beli eve Bo lt is the voice on the common man.

  4. Peter Shute

    Agree with the tone of the article and so many writers forget that politics is such an uncertain science-things can change rapidly over a week.

    I do not believe the fortunes of The Coalition will change with a change of leadership. They need to go with Tony Abbott for good or bad.

    Good to see also Bernard Keane has included himself amongst the sceptics re Gillard’s fortunes. That’s all we ask of reporters-honesty.

  5. The Pav

    Abbott’s abandonment of the :invilency of the confessional” is not a case of a genuine change of heart or that he actually believes it but is just another case of him abandoning his principals for political gain

    A bit like when he failed to marry his pregnant girl friend because it would cost him his Rhodes Scholarship.

    As to his small business policy…I read it & got hurt laughing…As you point out it is not a policy and that is only just the beginning of the problems with it

  6. Coaltopia

    Nah, don’t get me wrong Jimmy, never liked his poison pen. I just think all these crusties are slowly starting to unhinge. Probably why they call him Terry McRant.

  7. Martin Gregory

    What gives you the impression that The Australian is an outlet that other journalists have to take seriously? It’s a joke – I would have thought that any serious journalists are torn between laughing and cringeing. Or both – anything to distance themselves from what passes as journalism in The Australian…

  8. Jimmy

    Martin Gregory – ” I would have thought that any serious journalists are torn between laughing and cringeing” you would think so but look at the reality, they all play follow the leader on news stories and for some reason they have decided the Oz is the leader.

  9. taylormade

    The good thing about the Australian is that it is not sucked into the Govt or any Govts spin. Thier journo’s can see through it and question every thing so much better than Fairfax, ABC etc.. Remember The Aust(especially Shanahan) knew what was going in relation to the knifing of Rudd and chose to report it where as many others did not even consider such a possibility.Very telling.

  10. Jimmy

    Taylormade – Can I assume you are being sarcastic becausr if you aren’t that comment is just stupid.

    Did you read Andrew Crooks article on here entitled “How The Oz missed the Rudd coup (rather than the other way around)”

    And the reason the Oz doesn’t get sucked into govt spin is that they don’t listen to the govt, they decide what the story is and run with it, regardless of the facts.

  11. klewso

    I reckon it’s that “conflict of interest” battling back and forth across the frontier of his mind.
    How can you be a politician and a “devout Christian”? Surely they’re mutually exclusive, unless you’re prepared to tell the truth all the time ….. and “in modern politics”?
    For a start there’s some “Code of Conduct(?)” about
    “taking the Lord’s name in vain”?
    “Bearing false witness”?
    “No other gods/graven images”?
    Or is that what confession is good for – once that’s all over, you can go out and start all over again?

  12. drmick

    Partisan hacks with a pre-prepared agenda and script do not make for a credible authoritative newspaper.
    The lack of integrity, or “ability to see through spin” while creating it makes it a comic, not a newspaper. Apologising to the PM while overseas for having to ask the same negative questions day in and day out by reporters is the same as the negative agenda of the party they are trying to persuade readers to elect.
    They tried and failed in America and they will fail again here. Murdoch owes big business big time now.

  13. klewso

    Are you sure Gillard was up here in Brisbane – there’s bugger all about in the local Limited News franchise “The Curry or Maul”?
    Then again, she was at some “community cabinet” up here, but there wasn’t enough negativity to report and amplify?

    [Speaking of our limited news – see “Jerry Mander’s nephew(?)”, Tim, has been promoted to “Manuel’s Cabinets” after expelling Dr “Phlegm(?)”?]

  14. Pete from Sydney

    the usual Bernard, a poor attempt at turning anything into a rant about News Limited….Crikey would be very short on copy if not for the constant News bashing, getting a little tedious…


    This is the most illegitimate,incompetent and dishonest excuse for a national newspaper we’ve ever elected…oh, hang on, that’s the government, sorry.

    As you were…

  16. Edward James

    Labor from the top to bottom is still the Labor Party. The Labor Prime Minister has given an undertaking to have a wide ranging Federal Royal Commission, so far there is nothing from her or her government to flesh it out! The undertaking was made after Joanne McCarthy, police man Peter Fox and the Newcastle Herald. Acting in support of innumerable abuse victims, and their supporters. Many of whom have for decades been knocking on the doors of our Australian Parliaments without a worthwhile result. Exposed the bellies of our political allsorts to the fire of angry disenfranchised constituents. I do not forget the promise of a Royal Commission has been given by an identified lier. Edward James

  17. taylormade

    Jimmy – So that was Andrew Crook or someone else from Crikey or Fairfax on the Lateline program I watched on the Friday night before the coup predicting it would all happen the next week was it ?? Funny i could have sworn it was Dennis Shanahan.

    Will always remember it, especially for the shocked reaction from Leigh Sales who was not sure she heard right and asked him to repeat it.

  18. Jimmy

    taylormade – the beauty of making predictions of the demise of political leaders every week is that once in a while it actually happens and you can sit back and say I called that.

    You have to remember that this is the same Dennis Shanahan who this week has blamed Abbott’s terrible poll ratings simply on the ALP’s personal attacks on him, no mention of his lack of policy or his overblown predictions of the carbon tax coming back to bite or his numerous gaffe’s or his constant negative attacks are wearing thin or the govt taking control of the agenda with a positive agenda and tying it to the “Asian Century” – nope accoridng to this great political an al yst it’s just that the govt have been picking on poor Tony and the public are dumb enough to go along with it.

  19. Jimmy

    Oh and Taylormade if you read the article I referenced you would of seen the Shanahan “On the morning of the knifing, the gallery veteran wrote unequivocally that Rudd was “safe” from a challenge. Under the headline “PM’s position is secure, party’s is not”, he reported that “the school of thought that it would be suicide to engineer a leadership change has prevailed”:

    “Julia Gillard would not move against the Prime Minister. Rudd seems safe to lead Labor through to the election, whether parliament resumes in August or not and whether the election is in September or October.”

  20. zut alors

    I disagree about Mitchell and Whittaker. If TA and the Coalition were elected in 2013 what would News Ltd use as daily fodder for their ‘reporting’? Papers don’t thrive on good news, it doesn’t sell. Which means Mitchell and Whittaker would face a conundrum – to survive they’d need to resort to attacking their darlings ie: TA and the Coalition.

    I’d rate that as quasi-cannibalisation. News Ltd is perfectly comfortable with Gil1ard as their target. In fact, she’s tailor-made for the boys in charge at News Ltd.

  21. Venise Alstergren

    Will some bright person tell me what the Latin for “Never let the facts get in the way of a story” would be? If not too long we could email it to Rupert Murdoch as a suitable motto for the Oz.

    Good Article Bernard.

  22. GeeWizz

    We’ll see how electable Gillard is next year with:

    1. Obeid Family (Labor Powerbroker)
    2. Bruce Wilson (Gillards Ex)
    3. Michael Williamson (Labor National President)
    4. Craig Thomson (Who has the full confidence of the PM)
    5. The never-never budget surplus

    Sounds like a perfect storm is brewing for Labor next year

  23. klewso

    Zut, they’d just go back to their night job, “24 Carat Conservative PR” (selling/assuaging policy, cherry-picking the evidence that supports their agenda and politics, and letting the other, embarrassing, contrary stuff fall through their cracks) – the core of Limited News Family Values – and kick at the shadows.

  24. Ruprecht

    An interesting article, but why does Mr Keane regularly pump up Turnbull’s tyres?

    Sure, he can give a speech, but don’t people remember how crap he was even as opposition leader? Utegate, Midwinter Ball strongarm tactics, Godwin Grech … I feel like I’m taking crazy pills!

  25. Jimmy

    Geewizz – Issues 1-4 have been around for some time now and don’t seem to be worrying the polls to much and issue 5 is a long way from certain to happen.

    And once again you seem to be looking at politics over policy – do you think everyone is as ignorant as you?

    Ruprecht – While Turnbull made some blues as leader his appeal is that he is a rational intelligent mand who seems to have well thought out ideas for where he wants the country to go, when compared to Abbott these things are very appealing.

  26. shepherdmarilyn

    Gee, you have a very short list.

    Dry up.

  27. The Pav

    Jimmy @25

    You need to look at Geewhiz’z comments in context.

    Morale is low in Abbotts’ office and they’ve just got to throw out any old slur they can.

    I mean they’re so depressed even the odious SBLAKE can’t summon up the energy for one of her usual slanders

    I mean if Geewhiz & Abbott’s office wants’ to make odious associations I suggest that this will be something the PM will easily win. All she has to do is point out that she is neither RC or from St John’s College & leave it at that.

  28. zut alors

    G’day Wizzie,

    Shouldn’t that read: 3:Michael Williams

  29. The Pav

    Dear Zut @ 28

    I ignored the errors as one can’t expect anybody from Abbott’s office to get anything right.

    After all a domestic power bill exceeds their level of comprehension.

    If you pick up on the errors you’ll have no time for anything else

  30. jennatilz mckrackin

    Bernard, the Australian hasn’t been “sacking staff left and right (OK, right and right)”. With the likes of GeorgeM leaving, I think a better way is to say that staff are leaving/being sacked left and right (ok, left and center)

  31. Son of foro

    [All it has left is its status as an influential outlet, one that other journalists, producers and editors (particularly at the ABC) feel obliged to take seriously.]

    Really? Why on earth would they take it seriously? The Australian stopped being a newspaper years ago.

    The Australian continues to lose readers – why pay for another Herald Sun when the original is doing it’s job just fine? – meaning Murdoch has to continue increasing the amount of cross-subsidising from other parts of his business.

    The key point, though, is that increasingly other outlets that rely on The Australian are also losing their listeners / viewers. Yes, I’m looking at you, Fran and Michelle.

    As its influence wanes to the point of disappearing, so will Murdoch’s willingness to cross-subsidise. The end result is obvious – hence Chris Mitchell’s increasingly bizarre and pathetic – and ultimately futile – attempt at regime change. I suspect he’s just had a glimpse of his future. And he doesn’t like it.

  32. Jimmy

    The Pav – “All she has to do is point out that she is neither RC or from St John’s College & leave it at that.” I really don’t see either of those 2 things hurting Abbott that much, what does more is the Geoff Shaw Scandal in Victoria and the Minister who has just resigned in Qld – while Abbott isn’t involved in either it demonstrates to the electorate that neither party is immune to these sort of scandals and those 2 relate to actual member’s of parliament.

  33. zut alors

    The Pav @ 4.02pm: aw shucks, it’s a slow afternoon here and the temptation proved too great.

  34. The Pav

    Jimmy @ 32

    I would like to think it wouldn’t as as much as I dislike Abbott I don’t think he should be stained by the recent developments ( although as a prominent catholic it could be a reasonable question to ask what did he do over the last few years about the issue within in his church? Did he make reasonable enquiry or did he merely accept Pell’s reassurances)

    However in the poisonour climate that Abbott has so significantly contributed people are starting to make wild associations. In such a cliamte he could get caught in the cross fire or perhaps it would be a case of “hoist on his own petard”

  35. Ruprecht

    Jimmy, fair enough, but what is the direction he wants to take us in? socially conservative, economically conservative?

    Anyone looks better than Abbott, but is he better than Gillard? Would he support SSM for example?

  36. The Pav


    Like me perhaps….

    A case of “I can resist anything except temptation?”

  37. Jimmy

    The Pav – IMO those who wold never vote for Abbott in the first place will lay the blame at his feet but those swinging voters that matter won’t make the connection – especially St Johns which most will have forgotten already.

    Ruprecht – Turnbull is on record as pro SSM – whether he can get the libs to come with him is another issue.

    To me both economically and socially he is more centre right, compared with Abbott being far right, and much more in line with where the libs were pre howard.

    On whether he would be better than Gillard is a bit of a moot point because if he came back I doubt he would be able to be true to his beli efs as the party wouldn’t accept putting a price on carbon for example.

  38. floorer

    Ruprecht, I’m with you mate, anybody who’s been following his pronouncements on the
    NBN ( misleading and just plain wrong) will realise he’s just like any other poli. He just scrubs up better.

  39. Dogs breakfast

    “The possibility ….. — that Gillard could actually win the next election is now being seriously entertained. It’s a nightmare scenario that may keep two individuals, in particular, awake at night.”

    I was sure the next words were going to be Tony Abbott and Kevin Rudd.

    You fooled me there BK.

    Gee Whiz, it’s not as though the Coalition has no hurdles in front of it.

    No policies, no articulate spokesperson other than Turnbull, Joe Hockey (I don’t buy BK’s line that he is starting to look more than a lightweight), a reputation for relentless negativity, no carbon tax bogey man, The NBN rolling out, budget sums that cannot reconcile with promises made, Campbell Newman.

    Nothing is set in stone here, both parties have a lot to conquer, but the point that Gillard is starting to look like a PM is not lost on me. She can carry Labor over the line by herself if she can maintain her focus, and she has some good back-up, particularly in Greg Combet, some older hard headed political nous from Carr, and some genuine policy achievements.

  40. dazza

    Not sure about your man-love with Turnbull. I’ll Never forget when he gave $10million to a Swiss company to investigate a way to have rain without clouds? As it turned out, the main invester of this fake science company is the nephew of Murdock and, Turnbulls main money raiser for political campaigns. Will you question him on this ?

  41. floorer

    For all you Turnbull fans think about what he’s been saying about the NBN and then read this. http://www.abc.net.au/technology/articles/2012/11/16/3634499.htm?WT.svl=featuredSitesScroller

  42. GeeWizz


    at the moment just allegations. Next year will be very public prosecutions. It’s a different kettle of fish and Gillard and Labors finger prints will be all over it.

    Check out how corruption has damaged Brand Labor NSW, the Opposition is unelectable for a generation.

  43. klewso

    Dazza – “Russian”?

  44. taylormade

    Jimmy, not the way i recall it, when 1st questioned she came up with the line about playing full forward for the West Bulldogs and many journalists swallowed it hook line and sinker, but not my man Dennis.

    Zut Alors – “If TA and the Coalition were elected in 2013 what would News Ltd use as daily fodder for their ‘reporting’”

    I agree, the cut and paste section would diminish dramatically, no more backflips to write about. Maybe thier last hurrah will be if the budget does not return to surplus as predicted, imagine the treatment cut and paste is going to give that, may need a special edition given what is on record.

  45. Steve777

    Suggested motto for Murdoch tabloids (and maybe the Australian): “omnino haec bona officere in fabula”

  46. tonyfunnywalker

    They are making the same mistake as Fox News they are concentrating on irrelevance. The journalists are Abbott’s former colleagues and their sense on loyalty is sickening. The voters are not stupid they see what is going on and as Gillard continues to launch policies where the is commumity understanding and support she will continue to prosper. Jimmy you are right her body language has changed, she is eruduite and she is standing tall oozing confidence. She is kicking gaols and the Coalition hate it. Watch their faces in Question Time, they show impotence and irrelavence, boredom and frustration. They are shadow boxing as Gillard for all the low blows is now jabbing effectively as the Coalition tire and get more frustrated. The dispondency is not just at News Ltd.
    The game is slipping away, Rudd is off the bench as a support player not as captain but as a decoy runner. News backed him but he is no longer their man. Rudd has another agenda. I am reminded of the campaign “OBAMA is a Mislim” and how this screwed Romney ( who needs enemies when you have Fox News)and a few former Senators to boot.

  47. Brian English

    Suggestion for Murdoch or any of his cronies: Futue te ipsum et caballum tuum

  48. AR

    Pav – PLEEEZ do not mention that awful creature’s name – she might arise from the rightard swamp.
    It’s been so nice lately without that harpy harping.

  49. beachcomber

    There was a time when newspapers reported the news, and told us what the PM did. Not set the news and determined who the PM was. At least in this new paradigm I can help save the planet by not buying newspapers.

  50. Steve777

    AR – SBLAKE has seen the light and fled the dark side. As penance she will don sackcloth and ashes and hand out ‘How to Vote’ cards for the ALP at the 2013 Federal election. In the meantime she will change her alias and post in favour of action on climate change, fair working conditions, the environment, a fair go for all of the disadvantaged and a rational stand on international affairs. She willl also eschew dog whistling on asylum seekers and embrace Gonski, the NDIS and the NBN. She will campaign against middle class welfare. She will also troll Menzies House. She is now a died in the wool leftie.

  51. eric

    I cant wait for the day that mealy mouthed Murdoch kicks the bucket and the Australian gutter rag is left to die also!

    The way News Ltd papers have gone after Julia Gillard and the ALP in general is a disgrace. To think that the people at The Australian in particular still think they are relivent is a sick joke
    What surprises me the most is that even with their constant negative ALP stories and boosting Abbott that their love child phoney Tony is not miles ahead in their polls.

  52. eric

    If anyone needed a confirmation of the Australians’ negativity towards the PM and Labor you dont have to go past todays paper.

    I counted at least 6 “opinion’ pieces all heavily against the government and none questioning the LNP policies.

    Getting a little frantic are we?

  53. Liamj

    I hope Murdochs muppets keep it up, his obsessive campaign against Gillard is the best thing for the Left since WW2.

  54. Annitsa Amistad

    Don’t you commies mess with The Fauxtrayan!

  55. drmick

    It is a comic book version of a JK Rowling horror paperback. Voldemurdoch plans to rule the world using unlimited funds, illegal phone taps, bribery and his worldwide communications network screaming 24 hour relentless morbid negativity. The local version has the goblin that wears harrys glasses as its editor & it is staffed by comically haggard witches, trolls & goblins. Voldermurdoch controls a mercenary political party which contains equally comical caricatures of ghouls, trolls, zombies & witches and the flap eared house elf Tony as their leader.
    Very funny and too close for comfort really.

  56. tonyfunnywalker

    The Weeekend Australian is still singing the same song and accusing the ABC of bias for ignoring the beatup. (Chris Kenny) and Hedeley has done yet another cut and paste job of reading something into nothing. There is no comment on the glowing IMF report to add to Gillards armory and justifies her boasts to the business conmcil which of course the WA critises. I wounder what planet they live on. They speak to themselves on Sky News and I guess that’s where they are at.
    It is a pity that The Australian has a good sports section otherwise the rest of it is not worth the $3 but other than using as a weed retardant under the mulch.
    Its so poisonous it beats using a systemic weedkiller and is more environmentally friendly.

  57. Liz45

    It must be nice to be Gee Wizz – suffering from convenient amnesia? Why is it that the LIbs get off the hook? Kids overboard; AWB; security fiasco at Sydney Airport (John Anderson resigned because of it?) Peter Reith’s mobile phone; the members who were sacked in the first little while of Howard’s first government? There’s more? Oh yes, the many disgraceful scenarios like Cornelia Rau, and the poor woman in the wheelchair? There’s more that will come to me!

    Oh yes, Heffernan’s disgusting attempt to blacken Justice Michael Kirby – he just got kicked upstairs for a while? Much like Cory Bernardino or ????Gross person?

    I think Abbott is a twit, among other things. He’s bone lazy and even I am amazed by the lack of research he’s done on many topics. He’s back in the days of mainly newspapers, perhaps a bit of TV journalism, and plays us for suckers and idiots? As I’ve said before – if he’s a Rhodes Scholar I’m a female Einsteen? He’s an embarrassment? Look at the bs about climate change that comes out of his mouth?

    Hockey? Who? He’s also a twit, along with Robb! Their so-called front bench are pathetic? An articulate and educated person in Year 12 would wipe the floor with the lot of them!

    I look forward to a debate or two between Abbott and the PM? She’ll wipe the floor with him. Why hasn’t he been on Q&A? Because his minders know that he’s stupid, and will get done; make a slip up, or just sit there and ‘freeze out’ the questioner! When all else fails, he’ll fall back on, ‘shit happens’? Wasn’t it him who castigated Greg Combet for the use of ‘bs’? Laughed till I cried when Abbott chastised him – talk about the pot …….? Totally pathetic in all areas!

  58. Liz45

    There are several things that really make me wild about the Gillard govt – asylum seekers being jailed for no crimes is the major one; the demolition of supporting parent benefit for many sole parents, usually women is another. The all the way with the US is another? Sickens me actually!

    The issue re sole parent benefit was voted on during the same day of the PM’s speech re sexism and misogyny. There’s more to getting rid of sexist attitudes than one speech in Parlt – even though I certainly applauded it! Driving more women into poverty and probably will prevent too many from leaving abusive partners for financial reasons – if their youngest is 8 or will soon be 8 yrs old! Shameful!

    However, I DO NOT want the Coalition in the federal sphere! One of the best ‘things’ re recent polls is the way Liberal Premiers are reaping misery and disaster in the 4 States they’re in. Couldn’t play into Labor’s hands any better if they tried. NSW is in the throes of selling everything off – they might as well just hang a big sign on the Harbour Bridge and invite all interested persons to the ‘garage sale’? Not one word from the Telegraph re O’Farrell’s BREAT BIG LIES about CSG mining; Education cuts; public servant cuts; the sale of Port Kembla port and the list goes on. Not one word prior to being elected. On the contrary, we got all sorts of assurances that many things would NOT happen? Like mining in water catchment areas; agricultural areas or near our dams etc? Anything that COULD affect food or water would be a no-no? Liars!

    Gee Wizz – Haven’t heard you getting whipped up in a lather over these bastards’ lies? Says it all really! No doubt you have some pathetic justification?

  59. tonyfunnywalker

    I think that these blogs will give Bernard a mountain of material to work with on a follow up article. I suggest you read the Monthly – an excellent article on how the press made total fools on themselves post the Mysogony speech — Its called a matter of content — by Amanda Lowrey a good read. It was not just the OZ it was the Fairfax press as well. They are also on the path to doom.
    It is sad the the AFR has joined the cesspit press.

    The Advertiser is yesterday’s Australian but as the “Dirty Digger” has a monopoly here I feel sorry for the readers.
    Speaking of Dodgy. Gee Whizz, I suggest you acquaint your self with the lies and broken promises that Murdoch made to aquire the London Times and the Wall Street Journal. Leveson will make interesting reading and for many former News Journalists from the privacy of their cells.

  60. GeeWizz

    [“I counted at least 6 “opinion’ pieces all heavily against the government and none questioning the LNP policies.”]

    Eric, the ALP are in power not the Coalition.

    It’s not the medias job to keep the opposition to account, it’s the medias job to keep the GOVERNMENT to account. You lefties aren’t very good at this government thing are you?

  61. Groucho

    I think Geewiz has given the game away? Have the police been corrupted as the AFP was over Haneef? The leaking of the raid on Thomson certainly seems to indicate so.

    No wonder you don’t hear LNP complaining about how long the investigation is taking by the police. Should charges be laid leading up to a federal election there will be no doubt what the motivation is.

    We know as a matter of public record that Oz feels so comfortable in its role as media bully it has issued open threats previously to both NSW and Vic Pol high office holders who didn’t toe it’s line. They got at least one of them.

  62. Groucho

    Actually Geewiz its the role of media to keep EVERYONE to account.

    If the LNP were competent you wouldn’t have a problem with the same blow torch being applied to them. Your statements are tacit admission that even you don’t believe Abbott is credible or capable.

  63. Kaiser

    @Liz 45: well said. I’ve been reading several newspapers for years. They have their different bents. Crikey for mine tends to bring in too many conspiracy theorists. The Oz gave the Liberals plenty of grief. Maybe not as much as some here would like. It’s a paper whose editors have a conservative worldview and consequently it leans that way in its mix of stories. I think its time some people grew up and stopped playing the victim. Stop blaming the Oz or Murdoch. It’s weak.

  64. Jimmy

    Taylormade – “Jimmy, not the way i recall it, when 1st questioned she came up with the line about playing full forward for the West Bulldogs and many journalists swallowed it hook line and sinker, but not my man Dennis.” It might not be the way you remember it but that’s the fault of your memory.
    The quotes I lifted from the Andrew Crook article I referenced clearly show that on the day of Gillard toppling Rudd your man Dennis had declared Rudd safe and that he would lead the ALP to the next election – hardly evidence of Shanahan being ahead of the pack on the issue.

  65. GeeWizz

    [“I think Geewiz has given the game away? Have the police been corrupted as the AFP was over Haneef? The leaking of the raid on Thomson certainly seems to indicate so.”]

    The media are told of impending police raids all the time what are you on about? Poor ol’ Craig Thommo really is a protected species down there are ALP headquarters isn’t he?

    The media is keeping Gillard to account and those at ALP headquarters are hating it.

    I also find it interesting… very very interesting… that Gillard says setting up a union slush fund to get the current union heavies re-elected is just “standard practice”. Gives you some insight into how Unions and Labor run.

  66. Edward James

    Arh well. Labor the party from the top to the bottom is just no dam good! Edward James

  67. klewso

    “Conservatives smear Gillard” : “Labor smears Abbott” : “Abbott droops in polls (as his image suffers)” : “Limited News (with their lion’s share of the edited news/views market, and the dominance that gives them, “to set the views agenda”) use their position to defend their boy’s image from his detractor, with their own smears of that assailant (with their own conspiracy theories)” – what’s new?
    It’s called protection. Even influence of perception of fitness to govern.

  68. Jimmy

    SOme classic reporting from the Australian here –

    THE Coalition claims there appears to be a “pattern” in relation to missing files at the centre of the Australian Workers Union slush fund scandal.

    The Australian revealed today that opposition legal affairs spokesman George Brandis wrote to the Attorney-General of Western Australia and the registrar of the Federal Court to locate three missing files relating to an association established by Julia Gillard in 1992 for an ex-boyfriend, former union official Bruce Wilson.

    “Now when one file is missing, then that might raise your eyebrows,” Senator Brandis told Sky News.

    “If two files are missing, in two different parts of the country, in two different agencies then one would be very suspicious. If three files are missing then one would be more than suspicious.”

    Given the age of the files, it is possible that the documents may have been destroyed in accordance with standard document retention practices.”

  69. tonyfunnywalker

    Patriot you are out of date with proceedings as there was material that News conviently missed. Its just another ” get Gillard” and Brandis wouold be better served on working on policies as if the Liberals do not get their act together and get rid of Abbott they will loose the election.

    Turnbull is more popular that Rudd, Gillard and Abbot put together (see SMH) and he is three times more popular that Abbott who comes in a miserable last.

    Interesting that today that Abbott was the reason for Rudd’s demise not Gillard– that’s an interesting take on things.

    I note that Crosby is working for Cameron in the UK – he is the father of negative campaigning — Labour in the UK are smiling as they too are looking at winning the unwinnable election as well.

  70. Hamis Hill

    Re: Abbott responsible for Rudd’s demise; yes, after being responsible for Turnbull’s demise.
    After tag-teaming with fellow Catholic Barnaby Joyce on opposition to Turnbull’s continuing Howard’s position on an ETS, Abbott decided to go into a full revolt after a very religious “Road to Damascus” conversion to the view that The Greens could be demonised as a supernaturally powerful minority exercising a disproportionate influence on the nation, only possible by their doing a deal with the the devil.
    Nothing new here; this Catholic modus operandi was used to incite the superstitious peasants of Europe onto the burgeoning Protestant Hugenots of the Renaissance, who were threatening the Authority of the church.
    Cardinal Pell notably tag-teams with fellow religionists Abbott and Joyce on the demonising of environmentalism.
    The failure of the much vaunted Copenhagen Process, with a triumphal return from negotiations denied to Rudd and Wong, provided the catalyst for Abbott’s move.
    Since then, Abbott and Joyce have been like demons conjured up from the depths of Hell, empowered to use any lies and exaggeration (fighting Fire with Fire) to continue the demonising of the heretical and false religion of environmentalism which, of course, is only a front for godless, watermelon greens communism.
    They are not called “Reactionaries” in an absence of something to react against.
    Abbott, with his National party allies, reacted against his own party’s position on Global Warming, taking two attempts within a fortnight and then only succeeding by one vote, after kneeling at the feet of Howard for confirmation and support.
    It was a totalitarian triumph worthy of the Bolsheviks.
    These conjured religio-political demons, Abbott and Joyce, in the face of all facts, (which are irrelevant to their purpose) continue their tactics of lies and exaggeration.
    They are fighting for the soul of the political system in Australia and voters would do well to exorcise them at that evil Australian invention, the Ballott Box, symbol of the false religion of, horror, “Democracy”.
    The objects of their wrath, The Greens, should play Oppossum and allow the increasing evidence of Global warming to argue the case aginst Abbott and Joyce.
    Abbott, Joyce and Pell, with the exception of short-term triumphs like the Third Reich, are, historically, on the losing team.
    Satan worship; lies, the promotion of the darkness of ignorance in pursuit of wordly power, will do that.
    Also indicted is the Murdoch press, with its tag-team pandering to ignorance and superstition.

  71. Merve

    Look under a rock, and you will find Janet Albrechtson.

    “THE Gillard government’s announcement of a royal commission into child abuse rates as political perfection. Immediately, the decision received bipartisan support federally, all states support the establishment of a royal commission and, most importantly, a Nielsen poll conducted a few days later revealed a record 95 per cent approval rating.

    Even better, the government will never be held accountable for this decision. The Gillard government gets the benefit of a big sugar hit upfront while the policy pains of inevitable problems are deferred until ministers are writing their political memoirs.

    Certainly, a royal commission into institutional responses to child abuse is long overdue. But given the human tragedies involved, establishing a commission demands the highest standard of care. It requires careful analysis, deliberation and a very thorough consideration of the commission’s parameters and its purpose.

    The Gillard government did none of this hard, prudent work. Instead, the PM’s need to dominate the headlines as moral champion trumped the need to tread carefully with the expectations of traumatised victims.”

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