Nov 15, 2012

Thanks to Lachlan, Ten ripe for the picking

Have Lachlan Murdoch and James Packer repeated their One-Tel disaster at Ten, or is it just bad luck to have bought a free-to-air TV network at a bad time? It's looking more like a train crash.

Paul Barry

Journalist, author and Media Watch host

When you look at what Lachlan Murdoch and James Packer have achieved at the youthful Ten Network, it’s hard not to let one’s mind drift back to One.Tel, where the dynamic duo lost almost $1 billion of their families’ money in Jodee Rich’s mobile phone company in 2001.

But the big difference this time around is that Lachlan has actually been running the show for much of the time, and it is his own money, rather than his dad’s, going down the gurgler.

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6 thoughts on “Thanks to Lachlan, Ten ripe for the picking

  1. geomac62

    Lachlan seems to have been running 10 partly for Murdoch newscorp and partly for himself and very little for anyone else . What Packer thinks would be interesting , maybe he is in the know or has bigger fish to fry , casino . Continuing with AFL games was a no brainer as it also generated other programmes . That cage martial art fighting series was popular among the youngish and was also taken off or lost . Fox sports or a channel Ten reason for losing them ? I never watch morning television but that kiwi bloke seemed even too crass even for that time slot . Paul Henry has as much talent as Greg Ritchie and maybe is better suited to the talk circuit sports night smoko . Mind you I,m only going on snippets of him I have seen , never watched the show . Gina is quiet considering her loud disapproval of the Fairfax board yet Ten is doing worse . Bolt being her pet might have some bearing . How can they bone talent and keep Bolt ?

  2. floorer

    Agree with geomac generally and specially about the AFL, it created a halo effect for me anyway. Through the year they took Formula1 off their HD station and put it on SD upsetting fans (caused enough ruction for them to reverse decision). Small maybe but stupid. Wonder about the Fox connection too.

  3. Roberto Tedesco

    Don’t forget Lara Bingle! Surely we can’t have forgotten Lara Bingle already? Oh….alright then.

  4. mook schanker

    Boooooooooooolllllt……! Nooooooooo!

    Sorry, I’m ok now 🙂

  5. AR

    Bring back the 2-3 hours of Simpsons that were once common about 10yrs ago. And endless repeats of Seinfeld, MASH. Maybe “No.96” also? Gotta be better than the current schedule.

  6. AR

    Bring back the nightly 2-3 hours of Simpsons that were once common about 10yrs ago. And endless repeats of Seinfeld, MASH. Maybe “No.96” also? Gotta be better than the current schedule.
    As a cheap’n’cheerful network in the 90s, they had an audience that knew what it wanted, crap but enjoyable crap, voluntarily ingested, and most importantly, under 30yr.
    the last remaining vestige is that kinda-sorta panel news thingy (can’t recall the name.. project like when we’d cut out pics and stick ’em in a book for extra marks in the extra slow class?) during the week which occasional does good work.

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