Nov 14, 2012

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42 thoughts on “Today in Slime or Stupidity: The Fauxborigine

  1. Holden Back

    Something to offend everyone, AND the eyes follow each other around the room. Another success!

  2. Liz A

    Just Gold FD… or should I say, Just Oompaloompa!

  3. zut alors

    I hope you’ve got a trade mark on the name, the ‘Darktectivator’ is ingenious, Mr Dog.

    You’ve struck the exact shade on the colour chart for the front bench. Exact.

  4. Madonna

    The Fauxborigine! lol – Doggammit I love it 🙂

  5. Peter Ormonde

    Mr Dog!

    I am shocked – yes even appalled – by the unlordly bias insinuated into Mr Blot’s detektivator, which ascribes to Jesus – God’s actual son – some miscegenated macchiato kind of hue.

    Now I’ve seen the Giottos, all that stuff in the Louvre and so forth which are as close to a photo as we’re likely to get, and he’s as pale as George Brandis or Bronwyn Bishop – one of us…. like his dad.

    So resist this Blottish inner-city trendification of our saviour – making him out as some sort of icon of multiculturalism. Driven snow boyo. Next you’ll be saying he was jewish.

    This is what happens when you cite Blot as a source …. inherently unreliable. Nonetheless – liver treats in the usual place.

  6. ianjohnno1

    A handy diversion from something else?

  7. pritu

    How do you do it Herr Dog!!! Sublime!

  8. drmick

    Is Blot giving us a dark look? or is he constipated?
    Is Tony really colour blind or is he all colours; red-necked, lily-livered, brown nosing, black balling, yellow bellied, pinko hating racist?

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