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Nov 13, 2012

Obama is chiselling himself a space on Mount Rushmore

Barack Obama is seeking to nail down a liberal century -- and a budget deal would be his downpayment on becoming a very memorable president indeed.

Guy Rundle — Correspondent-at-large

Guy Rundle


President Barack Obama and the Democrats have won a historic victory, snatching a second term from the teeth of a ferocious Right, cashed up by a compliant Supreme Court in the Citizens United and other cases, buttressed by a gerrymandered House of Representatives, with a mass effort at voter suppression and intimidation as the kiss of the whip.

He campaigned on defending a semi-universal health care system whose advantages have not yet come downstream, tax increases for the rich, same-sex marriage, taming the out-of-control spending of the 65+ Medicare program (whose bountiful old-style unmetered socialism, the Tea Party will defend to the death), and talked back — to some degree — to the hysterical triumphalism of “American global leadership”.

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7 thoughts on “Obama is chiselling himself a space on Mount Rushmore

  1. paddy

    My latest favourite piece of schadenfreude on the decline and fall of Mittens, is this fact, reported via CBS News.

    [“The Phildadelphia Inquirer reported today that, in 59 precincts in inner-city Philadelphia, the GOP nominee received not a single vote. And according to the Cleveland Plain Dealer, nine precincts in Cleveland returned zero Romney votes.”]

  2. johnb78

    People on right-wing blogs I occasionally read are already citing the hilarious Mittens zero-vote precinct news as PROOF OF TEH VOTER FRAUDS!1!11!. Because obviously discarding every GOP vote in precincts where they’d normally get next to nothing anyway would be the most sensible, untraceable and unnoticed way to rig an election.

  3. Keith Thomas

    ‘… the gimcrack Right approach of “originalism” — whereby questions of gun control are adjudicated on what the residents of 1700s Boston would have thought of flamethrowers, etc. …’

    Guy, while you are still over there in the US, can you please devote a piece to help us understand the reverence held – by the gimcrack Right, but also beyond that – for their constitution?

    I participate in a few non-political groups on the web (about fitness, health, psychology, farming, environment, my craft hobbies) and even there the ‘Founding Fathers’, the US constitution and the Bill of Rights are brought out and treated similarly to the way they treat the bible. Is it just part of feeling anchorless unless they have an ultimate truth to refer to (when it suits them)?

  4. Skippy

    Obamas victory had nothing to do with these things you mention. He won because the US voters blame Bush for the economy, nothing less or more. Obama will not be able to do the things you mention. US debt is 109% of GDP increasing at about 10% per annum. When the the debt gets to 150-200% of GDP in 4-8 years. The US will not be able to borrow anymore, Obama or the next democratic president (its unlikely the republicans will win the next election either) will have to start printing money to pay for all the defence and entitlement spending. The poor’s welfare checks will be worth nothing, they will hate the government, the republicans will roll in and rule the roost for 50 years like the democrats did after 1929. Its sad but its economics there is nothing that anyone can do.

  5. Guy Rundle

    Gee i’m glad you know that ‘blame Bush’ thing for a fact, Skippy, and it’s only a shame that you haven’t yet reached the chapter on devaluation of reserve currencies as a mode of debt reduction in your textbook. All qualitative polling indicates that Romney not Bush was the issue for many ‘reactive’ voters, but hell go with your gut. Can a call from FOX News be long in coming?

  6. crawfordyorke

    Guy are you a fan of Bill Maher and his HBO show Real Time with Bill Maher?

    His twitter is also funny as ..

  7. Dogs breakfast

    Obama reeks of potential for greatness, but as much as I hope for it I also doubt it.

    The politics of USA is such a muddle, as much as they can throw up an Obama, they can just as readily, it seems, produce a Bush, or two, or god forbid think that Reagan was a great president, not just some guy who turned up at the right time, a la Peter Costello’s time as Treasurer as money rained down upon him.

    I don’t know, I wish him and USA well, but not so well that they forget the obvious lessons of the last decade, that their brand of unfettered capitalism will always result in train wrecks.

    But god knows we need some great leaders on the world stage now. I have no clue where they will come from, and politics seems to be the best way of making sure they never enter politics.

    God, it’s such a rigged game. How do we get out of this?

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