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Nov 13, 2012

No more vanilla: how the internet killed the call girl

Porn is everywhere on the internet, giving people access to all sorts of different fetishes. Annika Cleeve, a sex worker with 18 years experience, says this is having a marked effect on people's sexpectations.

I started working in the sex industry in the early ’80s, at age 15, and retired in the early 2000s. During that time I have seen many changes, some good and some bad — namely changes to welfare policy, gender roles, public perceptions of sexuality and sex workers. The most glaring change has been what I refer to as client sexpectations.

I like to draw the analogy of ice cream for sexual mores. In the 1980s, clients were vanilla in their requests and expectations. Occasionally they would want a few toppings, here and there, perhaps some nuts or sprinkles, maybe hot fudge to tickle the taste buds. But in general most gentlemen preferred the standard flavours: caramel, strawberry or vanilla.

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17 thoughts on “No more vanilla: how the internet killed the call girl

  1. Lewis T

    Terrific article; relevant content, originally put and with a dash of humour. Cheers.

  2. Bretty

    In any career, it’s important to keep skills and training up to date. New techniques and technology are essential in the drive for increased productivity. The white paper is clear: we cannot afford to have Australian s-x workers left behind in the Asian century.

  3. Justin McManus

    But in this case, the s-x workers are competing against cheap labour that can be had in abundance. Kind of hard to compete with free in some industries.

  4. Gerry Hatrick, OAP

    So, you had an old business model that couldn’t keep up with a changing market?

    [2000s, if he visited at all, he was determined to dominate with a firm hand.

    Modern porn feeds a totally unrealistic idea of what women enjoy sexually]

    What a pity, you should have gotten paid for doing that horrible work.

  5. AR

    I hope that you enjoy your retirement.

  6. Mike Smith

    Vanilla, with real vanilla pod seeds?

  7. TheFamousEccles

    So, what was the point of this article? Oh, that’s right, all men are deluded, violent sex fiends.

    I hoped that this might provide some insight into a world not many of us have a clue about, but sadly, it was shite instead.

  8. Phen

    Wonder if there really are any reliable stats on this supposed decline in the industry. I personally find it hard to believe that dating websites are a major substitute for demand for prostitution services.

  9. floorer

    Lot of empathy from the commentators not, some very whitebread. As I read it the author was talking about her clients not all men, not many comments from women?

  10. Black Spot

    Floorer-you have completely missed Honest John’s point and you probably did that on purpose, as usual.

    His/Her point is the hypocracy of Cr-key posters who played down the hom-s-xual nature of the Cath-l-c ch-rch priests assaults on the vulnerable and powerless chil-dren, mostly who were b-ys and not gir-ls. He mentioned 98% were boys. They were trying to lead the witnes-ses to cover their own supportive and pro agenda. Many are disappointed because of the dishonesty.

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