Nov 13, 2012

Letter to Jimmy Savile: I’m glad you didn’t Fix It for me

As host of Jim'll Fix It, Jimmy Savile would grant the wishes of children who wrote to him. Looking back, Oliver Milman is relieved Savile didn't try to make his childhood dream come true.



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5 thoughts on “Letter to Jimmy Savile: I’m glad you didn’t Fix It for me

  1. zut alors

    You dodged a bullet alright.

    Watching Louis Theroux’s 2000 doco on Savile last night was a creepy experience – even without knowing of his heinous behaviour. A mature man claiming more than two hours in the company of a woman gives him ‘brain damage’ sends a strange warning signal, particularly when he repeats the line in different settings during the 50 minute doco.

  2. paddy

    By far the best piece I’ve read on the train wreck at the BBC is this one.
    “Light Entertainment”
    by Andrew O’Hagan in the London Review Of Books.
    It’s long, well written and thoughtful.
    Worth a read.

  3. zut alors

    Many thanks for the link, Paddy. A terrific read.

    We are comforted knowing the noble Gamlin and McCulloch prevented Enid Blyton corrupting the nation’s airwaves. Pinky-winky-Doodle-doodle Dum-dum.

  4. Peter Shute

    An idiotic piece and as you say :these are allegations. Nothing is proved yet.

    Indeed you mention David Nicolson’s claim yet have avoided questioning why this BBC director did not report Savile to police if his claim is true.

    Surely Nicolson should be hauled in and questioned why he allowed this alleged child sex abuse to continue as apparently did the producer Roger Ordish.

    There will be a Royal Commission in the country into child abuse. I am sure if there are people like Nicolson & Ordish who are complicit via their silence, there will be hell to pay.

    I really object to this tabloid rubbish on crikey : it’s similar to the grubbiest of British tabloids including Murdoch’s, that propagate the balderdash that they all knew about Savile’s alleged activities yet were prevented from exposing him because of libel laws.

    That doesn’t explain then why week after week they actively promoted Savile which, if the allegations are true- it would be little wonder he felt impervious and could continue.

    I can read this sort of stuff in the Daily Mail. I expect better from crikey. And Mr Milman- there are tens of thousands (including me) who wrote to Jim’ll Fix It. Grow up.

  5. Ilana Leeds

    Thank G-D you did not get picked by this creep. Don’t things like this make you wonder about the culpability of those who stood around and watched this vile man abuse kids through his show?
    Good article.

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