Nov 13, 2012

Get Fact: are the Greens ‘backing down’ on private school funding?

An "exclusive" front-page report in The Australian newspaper claimed the Greens will dump their most hostile policies towards private schools. But the truth is somewhat murkier.

Andrew Crook — Former <em>Crikey</em> Senior Journalist

Andrew Crook

Former Crikey Senior Journalist

A low-circulation broadsheet newspaper has egg on its face after it printed — on the front page — an erroneous story riddled with inaccuracies in a botched attempt to attack its favourite political target.


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7 thoughts on “Get Fact: are the Greens ‘backing down’ on private school funding?

  1. wilful

    I used to not mind Hillary Bray/Christian Kerr writing for Crikey. But I never ever trusted him writing about the greens, he had such obvious bias about them that it was always disappointing. Since he left for the Oz, he’s gone downhill quite a lot, he doesn’t say anything insightful, he’s just part of the hate/noise machine.

  2. Pete from Sydney

    for a’low-circulation broadsheet newspaper ‘ Crikey sure does quote it a lot….just the usual crikey prejudice and back handed insult I presume

  3. dazza

    Oh.. I think Christian Kerr is just towing the News Ltd line. Remember, the editor of the OZ declared war on the Greens when he announced he will ‘destroy the Greens’. This is just another group think mentality from the brown nosed hacks with no balls.

  4. AR

    Since he kissed Rupert’s ring, Cur has exemplified the derogatory Oz meaning of his homophone, esp but not only, in scribbling about the Greens. How sad that nothing he opines now can be trusted – he had a nice touch as HillaryB though brittle & surface reflecting.

  5. Joel

    Ah, Christian “omg half these numbers are bigger than the average of these numbers!!!” Kerr. Never quite could figure out why Phillip Adams put up with him for so long.

  6. Sean Doyle

    Having read Kerr/Bray back in his/her Crikey days, it was quite clear that he had a rabid hatred of the Greens that went beyond philosophical disagreements. He appeared to consider them political untermensch undeserving of a place in civil society.

    Hearing that he moved on to the Oz was about as big a shock as the sun rising in the morning. Given his past on this site, I can assure AR and dazza that Kerr needs not a skerrick of persuading to follow the Oz’s anti Green line.

  7. pritu

    Oh Christian, Christian! Try to live up (or down?) to your name. What some people have to do to pay the rent.

    PS. On a more pedantic note: When did the past tense of “to lead” turn to lead? It used to be “led” last time I paid attention.

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