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Nov 9, 2012

How could they all get it so wrong?

Republican-leaning pundits predicted the US election result more on hope more than common sense. Now there's egg all over their faces as Democrats celebrate.

Guy Rundle — Correspondent-at-large

Guy Rundle


Boy oh boy have I been looking forward to this. Two months after Mitt Romney looked toast, five weeks after the disastrous first debate, two weeks after the Mittmentum, and a week after storm Sandy devotional hit the coastline, the result has been nailed down and every tensed muscle in the body can relax.

When I started the final leg of this jaunt, Romney was in his cups, and it appeared that it would be a stroll down to the inauguration. Then it became a nail-biter all the way through to the last weekend, with the dim prospect that one would be witnessing not the confirmation of the Barack Obama era but its dismissal as an aberration, and the return to power of just about the whitest man in America.

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23 thoughts on “How could they all get it so wrong?

  1. Cross Byron Douglas

    Thanks for the Storm Sandy Devotional Guy. I have been waiting for it from someone all week. David McComb would have been thrilled.

  2. paddy

    LOL I just hope you had as much fun writing that, as I had reading it Guy.
    Whoever says schadenfreude is a bitter draught is wrong?
    It’s bloody delicious!
    Cheers and enjoy the scotch. You’ve more than earned it.

  3. sean

    Ah Schadenfruede…can’t get enough of it..particularly when it concerns the gallery of freaks and deadheads that comprise the Republicans. Bring on Abbott

  4. CL de Footscray

    This is terrific stuff. Only HST could do it as well, but he’d probably be too whacked to meet deadline. Thanks Guy.

  5. Clytie

    No wonder Republicans were so shocked by this loss. They’d had a Reality Distortion Field extended around them. Their (thought) leaders have been hyping them up for weeks. Now they feel betrayed.

    “We hope our candidate will win, but mathematical polling shows X,” would have been much more honest.

  6. Alderson Mary

    You forgot to mention the House of Representatives. Don’t the Republicans have the numbers in that? And aren’t both places designed to block whatever is passed by the other? That the American system is based on stopping progress instead of promoting it?

  7. ianjohnno1

    …a Cheshire Cat with fluid retention problems.
    What a beautiful image to retain in memory of the event.
    Bottoms up!

  8. zut alors

    Emmett Tyrell: ‘Next week President Obama goes into retirement. I hope he will consider Hawaii.’

    I imagine The Donald’s response would be “Why Hawaii? He’s never been there!!”

    These are buoyant times, Mr Rundle, relish every minute. And remember not to dehydrate.

  9. tonyfunnywalker

    The resemblance to News Ltd and the Liberal party is extraordinary. Abbott and News Ltd have played the same game assuming a short tenure at the Lodge. They did not have to work on policy but having long lunch with their mates and doing many good but insignificant things while the attack dogs did their dirty work. In a previous blogg I wrote about the fact that they were playing the game assuming it was won at the first bounce. It cost Obama the House, Gillard only had to contend with Rudd and the Polls.
    Obama defined the ” genius” Gillard is defying Alan Jones. At this stage the Liberals need a ” hail Mary” or 2 to win the next election and changing Abbott for Turnbull is too little to late. Gillard is kicking goals from outside 50 and even reversals are now counted as ” behinds” and the scoreboard is kept ticking over. Even Kevin is prepared to handball a few as he wants to keep his seat and return to to the front bench.

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