Nov 9, 2012

Media briefs: ACA’s racist yarn … Chuck in Tassie … Maddow goes GOP …

In one of the most racist A Current Affair stories we've seen (and yes that is saying something), the story titled "All-Asian Mall" examines the apparent "Asian invasion" of a local shopping mall in Castle Hill.

All-racist: ACA does it worst. In one of the most racist A Current Affair stories we’ve seen (and yes, that is saying something), the story titled “All-Asian Mall” examines the apparent “Asian invasion” of a local shopping mall in Castle Hill. Host Tracey Grimshaw introduces it as: “The battle between Aussie shopkeepers and centre management who are kicking them out to make way for businesses who directly target the suburb’s Asian population.”

“The Castle Hill mall was once an ordinary Australian shopping centre,” announces ACA reporter Ben McCormack. “But now it’s owners have decided it needs a makeover. An Asian makeover. Overnight the Aussie shopkeepers who have had their businesses here for for more a decade have been told they have to move to make way for other retailers.” Cue a bunch of old white people saying they don’t like the increase of Asians in their community. You know any sentence that starts with “I suppose it sound horrible and racist …” is going to be horrible and racist.

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6 thoughts on “Media briefs: ACA’s racist yarn … Chuck in Tassie … Maddow goes GOP …

  1. Bill Hilliger

    You can always rely on A Current Affair to come up with crap!

  2. drmick

    At least they didnt pay a prostitute this time………..oops look like they did; a male one at that.

  3. paddy

    Fortunately, the sour taste of ACA playing it’s familiar role of racist scumbag, is more than made up for by Rachel Maddow’s glorious (and civilised) takedown of the Teabag Republicans.

  4. Gavin Moodie

    Crikey’s account would have been better had it included at least a little information about Castle Hill.

  5. drmick

    Did you like the faux angst exhibited by the oppo when Swan called the tea baggers for what they are? It was like they were defending the right to a racist red-neck son-of-a-sister throwback waste of space. LOL Must have got too close to the bone for some of them and been like looking in the mirror for the front bench.

  6. ulysses butterfly

    Eastwood has already made a big shift in demographic and it’s a vibrant dynamic diverse place.

    Overheard in the Eastwood arcade by irate old white man to Chinese shoe repairer – Talk English will you, this is Australia. Which left this younger white boy thinking – ‘when was the last time you spoke Aboriginal?’ And ‘Didn’t the Chinese colonise the gold fields in Bendigo in 1850? How Australian is that? Is Chinese actually Australian?

    Ha ha.

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