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Nov 9, 2012

All-Asian mall?! ACA beat-up exposed by local rag

The latest racist beat-up by A Current Affair has been exposed as a fraud by the good work of a local newspaper in Sydney.

Amber Jamieson — Freelance journalist in New York

Amber Jamieson

Freelance journalist in New York

In one of the most racist A Current Affair stories we’ve seen (and yes, that is saying something), the story titled “All-Asian Mall” examines the apparent “Asian invasion” of a local shopping mall in Castle Hill.


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14 thoughts on “All-Asian mall?! ACA beat-up exposed by local rag

  1. NeoTheFatCat

    What I can never figure out is how these old whiteys can tell the difference between an AUSTRALIAN, who has some family background from Asia, and an ASIAN. As far as I know, the only way to identify someone’s citizenship is to check their passport. Facial appearance, language skills and favourte food/sport/music/literature etc doesn’t tell you anything. This is what I can stand – instead of considering themselves fellow citizens, the immediate placing of the ‘other’ as somehow not Australian.

  2. gruy fghyu

    well at least they’ll get some decent food.

  3. cyberfysh

    Good point, Neo – the “Asian” shopkeepers could be 5th generation Australians. It’s rather like those well-meaning people who want to get “young Muslims and Australians” together … d’oh!

  4. Christina Elisabeth

    Well done Alex Cauchi! Funny that McCormack bags him out on Twitter – Cauchi’s story is at least a story while by all accounts McCormack’s report was just a racist fairy tale.

  5. Peter Shute

    The ACA story was as pathetic as McCormack’s Tweet. His macho profile pic is a worry.
    Probably not the biggest beat-up Ben has cover either..

  6. Mick Cassidy

    How can such a vile and disgusting show continue to exist?

  7. Peter Shute

    ACA ran a bizarre sort of back-down this evening with an oily McCormack attacking the local paper and continuing his total beat-up by interviewing a ‘majority’ of locals they talked to which were basically 4 elderly white women moaning like crazy.


  8. owlcode

    >4 elderly white women moaning like crazy

    Sex and the City?

  9. Ian Scuffling

    Looks like Cauchi, or at least the headline writers at the Hills-Shire Times, were not always as un-ACA:
    Not as rabid, but still infectious.

  10. Petroleuse

    Sigh. The Ch9-is-bankrupt story was too good to be true.

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