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Nov 8, 2012



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24 thoughts on “Here come the drones. They’re American drones. Made in America.

  1. Holden Back

    What about a Carbonara tax?

    No apology to Laurie Anderson?

  2. Michelle Imison

    ‘Now we can finally get married AND carry a handgun.’

    So I guess that’d be a shotgun wedding, eh?

    (Apologies – but someone had to say it, you know they did.)

    Mm, marinara – I feel the munchies coming on already…

  3. zut alors

    You forgot to mention that Barry is the first non-Mus1im Mus1im to be re-elected.

  4. drovers cat

    Holden the tax will be a penne

  5. Holden Back

    But will they be setting up a Joint Task Force?

  6. zut alors

    Holden, that would be dopey.

  7. Holden Back

    Were all those Republicans praying to the wrong G-d? Or is this one of those Job-type tests?

  8. zut alors

    Looks like the GOP’s Telephone to Glory was put through to a wrong number. O wot joy divine…

  9. Holden Back

    But if they were calling that Old Testament G-d, they’d be mad to expect any joy. Nutjob. When He’s not sponsoring ethnic-cleansing, He’s laying into those who think of Him as their special friend.

  10. Stevo the Working Twistie

    Wow. I saw the headline and it wasn’t until bout frame 3 that I realised this isn’t a cartoon about Gerard Henderson.

  11. paddy

    Ah FD. How depressing…More drones than a whole band of velvet bagpipes.
    But you’re forgiven, due to the joy of that delicious bong of marinara in frame 9.

  12. klewso

    Seems Amarica couldn’t stomach a Mitt sandwich?

    [“….. Friends around the campfire and everybody’s high
    Rocky mountain high
    (high in Colorado)”]

  13. ernmalleyscat

    It was the mussels in the marinara that changed the game.

  14. klewso

    And, in the deep South, Maryland will become “Fairyland”?

  15. klewso

    Didn’t Washington state vote to legalise it too?

  16. TheFamousEccles

    Free the Marinara.

  17. Holden Back

    So, what are crabsticks?

  18. ernmalleyscat

    HB, crabsticks replaced Thai sticks

  19. Rasta Masta

    Phhhhht phuuuurrrrr, ahhh dat better. hay mun, dis here cartoon is waycool mun. Dat fat lettle pig with dat red lippy mun, dat crack me up. Obamacare? i don’t thiks he care for nuttin mun. Obamacare fat lettle pig bwaaaahahahaahahah mun.

  20. Gerry Hatrick, OAP

    MMM, more unrestrained detention for Bradley Manning, aww yeah, getting the good vibes from this one

  21. Andrew L

    Memo to Trump: LOLZ

  22. Holden Back

    @emc, I’ve tried smoking fish at home before, but found them hard to light. Maybe fish paste on a couple of knives over the stove . . .

  23. zut alors

    Holden, powdered Maldive tuna would be easier to ingest.

  24. klewso

    Try smokin’ a ham – the pig squealed on me!


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