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Nov 7, 2012

At the democratic heart, we wait for common sense

After the longest and most expensive campaign in history, Crikey's writer-at-large returns to DC where hopes are high for a clear result -- and common sense.

Guy Rundle — Correspondent-at-large

Guy Rundle


Back in DC for the night of nights; maybe I should be in Ohio or Florida, but no. This is where it will be, this is where it will feel right to be, should, against enormous forces and challenges Barack Obama win the presidency for the second time. It’s the second time that nails it. Just as caught in a dream, it’s the second knock on the door that wakes you — even though the first has already changed the course of your thoughts — so it is that only a repeat of the historic event renders it an event, in retrospect, in the first place.

Washington DC, city of enlightenment, of rationally planned streets that make no sense, of narrow terraces in the shadow of the pharaonic Monument, city of marble halls, and street-side bars, of book stores in rows, and the grave-grey Pentagon squat in the corner, dreaming of death far away. A city given by the French to America to embody shared revolutions, both of which would soon take different paths. It is the only such city in the country, the rest of it either rambunctious collisions like New York, or post-modern wastelands. The kids in the bars are all young associates, interns, freelancers, jabbering on phones, reading Politico over a daquiri, the suits stride across sidewalks to limos with doors-opened, the hookers walk brazenly through the gilded hotel foyers.

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23 thoughts on “At the democratic heart, we wait for common sense

  1. Stephen

    But the Republicans (“legitimate” r-pe, Ayn Randism, Israelophilia, hysterical exceptionalism, Mormon heaven, a five trillion tax cut to abolish a deficit and a war with Iran) will still control the House of Reps.

  2. Clytie

    Guy, you brought tears to my eyes. Let us hope and pray for a rational world.

  3. Andrew McIntosh

    Rundle’s sick of it all, basically.

  4. Baudinette Jarna

    Incredible, Guy. Just incredible.

  5. Guy Rundle

    how the hell do you get that from what i wrote andrew? quite the opposite

  6. Glen

    “…the toxic fusion of religion and suprematism”

    Is that the word? No matter. Give me Rundle’s “over written” prose ahead of MSM blancmange any day.

  7. Jacob Chylinski

    Love it, Guy.

  8. Frank

    Thanks for your efforts, Guy.

  9. Andrew McIntosh

    Okay, I was wrong. Sorry.

  10. Microseris

    Loved the emotion and insight of your coverage and happy to see reason prevailed.

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