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Nov 6, 2012




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26 thoughts on “First Dog’s Class War Funnies! Today: St John’s College

  1. Andrew McMillen

    ‘Braydon Fapfapfap’. Classic.

  2. Holden Back

    Left-wing conspiracy, along with the ABC running shows on asbestos and campaigners to change abortion laws.

  3. ernmalleyscat

    Excellent roll call there.
    They love it when daddy gets on the blower and sticks it up the Rector.

  4. Plonkoclock

    It’s worth googling St Johns College and reading the report. It’s the stuff of B grade movies. Still, its our tax dollars that support these sh1theads through their over-subsidised elite schools. we only have ourselves to blame then, don’t we!

  5. zut alors

    The lads at St Jerks College are such wits and clearly know how to tickle a girl’s funny bone.

    Braydon Fapfapfap is a cert for the front bench.

  6. paddy

    Gosh I enjoyed that FD.
    I’m almost certain I went to school with Ponsonby Spoffington-Snotworthy’s father.
    It’s always reassuring to know that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

  7. rhwombat

    Paddy: I was at SU while the Rabbott was punching walls, and saw the results of the St John’s tradition in the (next door) RPAH ED. 35 years has changed nothing. Gillard was spot on.

  8. drovers cat

    Ah memories, dog#1, thanks for the trip. But we weren’t a Catlick school so were only allowed beheadings every second year. Probably why there are more Proddy toffs around.

  9. Stevo the Working Twistie

    Don’t make me laugh! These St John’s wannabes are a pack of lightweights. Australia won’t be truly punching in the heavyweight class until we have our own Bullingdon Club, who at least have enough sense to smear excrement and damage property away from their Oxford digs.

  10. Al

    One of the best “lucky-country class-analyses I’ve seen since Humphrey McQueen stopped publishing! Snort, frap!

  11. drmick

    So much for the classless society and class warfare. The mob who are supposed to run the show have no class at all.

  12. Microseris

    Would be nice to see Pell ditch the fancy dress costume and the nasty demeanour and do something benevolent.

  13. zut alors

    Microseris, wearing a frock full time is considered an enviable perk.

  14. klewso

    It’s a bad habit.

  15. drmick

    I always found the nuns to be more brutal than the brothers. Do you know how much that costs me these days? and I used to get it daily for free.

  16. Chris Johnson

    Lord of the flies in downtown Camperdown under the college motto: “Unless the Lord is with us, our labour is in vain” and Tony Abbott heads the list of distinguished Alumni. Talk about worshipping false idols.

  17. NeoTheFatCat

    It just goes to show that these Catholics don’t respect the Australian way of life. They should all go back to the Vatican where they belong.

  18. Spica

    Just like the schools that feed this place, it provides two important services. One is to ensure that one’s child makes contacts among the right sort of people, and the other is to inflict such emotional damage on the young person that they’ll be taking it out on the rest of us till they die. Bullying isn’t a regretable consequence of gathering entitled thugs together, it’s the whole point of the exercise.

  19. Andrew L

    Why does their mode of speech bring to mind a former Member for Mayo…

  20. Caths

    Oh Dog, you always do such a great demolition of the Other Class. Thank you for brightening my rather grim day.

  21. Bob Durnan

    Sorry, Mr OTM, you are mixing up your colleges. Surely the Spoffington-Snotworthy, Plimsole-Titknicker and Fapfapfap lads attend St Andrews College?

  22. jmendelssohn

    No Bob Durnan, they are at Paul’s. Andrews has the McTurds and Fitznothingatall. Johns goes for the boofy Irish and Christian Brothers old boys – Abbott, Hockey, O’Shitface and Boofy Murphy.
    I have a half memory that Peter Collins was briefly at Johns in the late 1960s and wrote an exposé of its culture for Honi Soit. The thugs never forgave him. This may be why he was never allowed to become premier of NSW.

  23. rhwombat

    jmendelsshon: Spot on. Collins’ expose was mid 70’s, I think.

  24. Steve777

    Maybe some of these kids should have a criminal record, just like young toughs from less privileged backgrounds who are caught committing assaults, vandalism and intimidation. If it nobbles their careers at the outset then that would serve them right. Certainly no great loss to the country, quite the contrary.

  25. klewso

    No one from the Wentworth-Wentworths?

  26. First Dog On The Moon

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