Nov 5, 2012

The great Murdoch migration: who’s leaving News Ltd?

George Megalogenis is packing up and leaving The Australian to write more books. Who else has left News Limited during the latest cost-cutting drive?

Matthew Knott

Former Crikey media reporter

Crikey has been tracking the flight from Fairfax over recent months, but the News Ltd departure lounge is growing increasingly crowded. Around 30 staffers have taken redundancy from The Australian, 35 from the Herald Sun and 25 from The Courier-Mail. Here's a list of names who've announced their departure so far; we'll keep it updated as more come in ... The Australian
  • George Megalogenis, senior writer (economics and politics)
  • Matthew Franklin, chief political correspondent
  • Michael Sainsbury, China correspondent
  • Peter Wilson, Europe correspondent
  • Tony Barrass, WA bureau chief
  • Greg Callaghan, The Weekend Australian Magazine deputy editor
  • Christine Jackman, social affairs editor
  • Deborah Jones, Review editor
  • Mark Dodd, defence writer
  • Leigh Dayton, science writer
  • Caroline Overington, features writer
  • Miriam Cosic, features writer
  • Adam Cresswell, health editor
  • Amanda Meade, media writer
  • Simon Canning, marketing writer
  • Stephen Lunn, journalist
  • Florence Chong, journalist
  • Teresa Ooi, journalist
  • Kerrie Murphy, TV editor
  • Karen Dearne, IT reporter
  • Dinoo Kelleghan, deputy World editor
  • Merry Kirkwood, Travel and Indulgence writer
  • Carrie Kablean, Wish magazine writer
  • Alan Pryke, photographer
  • Christine Nestel, video journalist
  • Mark Nichols, artist
  • Jason Bitneris, artist
  • Lee Anthony, subeditor
  • Tom Phelan, subeditor
  • Seumas Phelan, subeditor
  • Steve Painter, subeditor
  • Brian Ross-Adams, subeditor
  • Mark Fazel, subeditor
  • Ron Hicks, subeditor
  • Beth Angel, subeditor
The Daily Telegraph / The Sunday Telegraph
  • Neil Breen, Sunday Telegraph editor
  • Mike Hurst, sports writer
  • Bronwen Gora, real estate journalist
  • Jeff Collerson, greyhound writer
  • Sara Mulcahy, Sunday magazine editor
  • Mia Freedman (weekly columnist -- not a full-time staffer)
  • Janine O’Neill, subeditor
  • Danny Acred, layout subeditor
  • Dan Brookes, layout subeditor
  • Marty Steele, subeditor
  • Nick Cass, subeditor
  • Paul Leigh, designer
Herald Sun
  • Russell Robinson, investigative reporter
  • Geoff Wilkinson, crime reporter
  • Norrie Ross, court reporter
  • Fiona Byrne, columnist
  • Robyn Riley, columnist
  • Kelly Ryan, senior writer
  • Adrian Dunn, racing writer
  • Greg Thom, transport reporter
  • Neil Wilson, journalist
  • Ross Brundrett, journalist
  • Kate Jones, health reporter
  • Daniel Hoy, health and fitness journalist
The Courier-Mail 
  • Mike O'Connor, columnist
  • David Costello, world editor
  • Kellie Alderman, fashion and beauty editor
  • Steve Ricketts, chief rugby league writer
  • David Falkenmire, sports reporter
  • Paul Osborne, subeditor
The Advertiser 
  • Karen Cross, Sunday Mail editor
  • Greg Kelton, state political editor
  • Meredith Booth, senior finance writer
  • Stuart Innes, tourism and motoring writer
  • Samela Harris, features and arts writer
  • Maria Moscaritolo, journalist
  • Zac Milbank, journalist
  • Hannah Silverman, journalist
  • Amy Noonan, journalist
  • Kim Wheatley, journalist
NewsCentral/ NewsLocal
  • Chris Topp, production editor
  • Bill Colhourne, subeditor
  • Adam Ferris, subeditor
  • Bruce Loney, subeditor
  • Bob Chisholm, subeditor
  • Peter Alexander, subeditor
  • Glen Coleman, subeditor
  • Ian McArthur, subeditor
  • Alf Pandaram, subeditor
  • Geoff Adams, subeditor
  • Rebecca Woolley, subeditor
  • Ian McArthur, subeditor
  • Leonie Bullions, subeditor
  • Kate Bonsack, subeditor
  • Lynne Kinsey, subeditor
  • Mel Collins, subeditor
  • Andrew Kacimaiwai, subeditor
  • Chris Hanson, online designer
  • Jack Rozyki, subeditor
  • Mel Collins, subeditor
  • Richard Wood, subeditor
  • Marty Steele, subeditor
  • Nick Cass, subeditor
  • Anthony Zoric, designer
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7 thoughts on “The great Murdoch migration: who’s leaving News Ltd?

  1. shepherdmarilyn

    Mega will be missed but Matthew Franklin will be no loss to anything.

  2. SimsonMc

    Dear Rupert – Now that George has left, is there anyone worth the entry fee to read their work behind a paywall?

    Thought not.

  3. Liz A

    lulz, there goes the one and only reason I ever bothered to google behind the paywall of the Oz. Even though Mega’s articles weren’t enough to make me stump up the entry fee, maybe now he will be able to run free with the likes of TheKouk and Quiggin on the interwebs.

  4. Harry1951

    Agree Marilyn. George Mega was fair in his analyses but Matthew Franklyn was biased (as per most of the Oz’s staff).

  5. Ruth Starke

    So many talented and dedicated journalists. This makes my heart sink. I don’t want to read their work on-line: I want to read it in a NEWSPAPER, and one staffed by professional journalists, not one which cuts and pastes and recycles material from overseas. I know, a forlorn hope.

  6. Kevin Herbert

    But when is Rupert leaving.

    I’m prepared to get his coat & show him the door.

  7. Edward James

    Not many that I know! Perhaps some of these with time on their hands may write exclusives, which inform locals about what is happening. While they have been waiting for main stream media to inform them? Edward James

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