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Nov 5, 2012

Doorknocking for Obama in mid-size nowhere Ohio

Come election day it will be chaos in Florida, Ohio, Virginia. Hence the ground game, with Guy Rundle tagging along with Obama supporters doorknocking to convince potential voters to vote early.

Guy Rundle — Correspondent-at-large

Guy Rundle


“Yessir I’ll be voting, oh of course.” A middle-aged black woman speaks from the crack in the window of her car. The whole family is in there, six people, seven, three of them look voter-eligible. The parking bay spot is in front of an exurb condo, a red-brick pseudo colonial apartment joined to half a dozen others. Steve — white haired, droopy-dawg ‘stache, 60s, old windcheater — is talking intently, trying not to invade space. “Do you know that there’s early voting, we’re really encouraging people to early vote, do you know where you can early vote” etc.

She’s going out to the mall, she’s persuaded to make a detour. Car backs out and into the expressway: will they, won’t they? Whatever, they’ll be followed up tomorrow, if the volunteers are there. Steve goes back to the car, tick names off a clipboard sheet — it’ll go back to the district organiser, and the info will go out again tomorrow, for print out: strong pro-Obama, may or may not have voted. Someone will be out again, with 48 hours to go. This, this is the ground game.

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7 thoughts on “Doorknocking for Obama in mid-size nowhere Ohio

  1. zut alors

    Long live compulsory voting.

  2. AR

    As much as I dislike compulsory voting in principia, having watched Thatcher destroy British society on a minority of the vote (her highest was 1979, not even then a majority and declined every election thereafter) simply because of the iniquitous FPtP and low & ever lower turnout.
    Similarly the US, too many unenfranchised in reality or psychologically disenfranchise.
    As Stiglitz put it recently, non amerikans overwhelmingly prefer BO. it has often been pointed out that the rest of the world should get a vote in Prez elections because the result affects us all. The corollary is that amerikans should NOT be allowed to vote, considering what a rat’s arse job they make of it.

  3. mattsui

    Good work GR, glad you didn’t have to walk too far.

    Is there anyone left who actually believes in the U.S. electoral system (I mean REALLY believes – not like Republican belief, that only serves the purpose of gaining power)?
    The Dem’s who you were with cleary take a highly cynical view.
    Hope you’ll report from the apocalypse, since you’re already there ‘n’all.

  4. michael r james

    Sheesh. ABC-Lateline yet again are running a misleading line tonight. And again interviewing only one American “expert” and again a “Republican strategist”! He of course is giving the line that things are trending towards Romney (while still waving his arms and saying who knows to limit his looking too foolish in retrospect). Lateline’s lead-in was little different to their awful Friday night job, of saying the polls show a razor-thin margin in favour of Obama. True for the functionally irrelevant popular vote but not in the important states.

    Even Karl Rove, in his own oily way, seems to have acknowledged reality over the weekend after his OTT claim last week that Romney would sweep the board. In the WashPo (Saturday I think) he said that Hurricane Sandy would work to Obama’s advantage. Doh. Obviously preparing excuses for how he got it so badly wrong–to the tune of $300 million (the amount he boasted his SuperPAC would spend on Romney’s behalf). Surely this will be the demise of Rove’s absurd reputation as a genius.

    Here is the latest from Nate Silver’s NYT FiveThirtyEight meta-poll analysis, Swing State Tracker. ((elections.nytimes.com/2012/swing-state-tracker?hp))
    Graphical timeline plots that makes it totally clear. This is a statistician’s analysis of all polls, weighted and plotted for the past month.
    Of the 9 key states only two are in the Romney column and actually only one of those is convincing (North Carolina) while Florida is clearly trending to Obama (ie. if it stays on track it may well go to Obama; actually NC would also come back to Obama if there were a bit more time). Virginia seems in the bag, and most GOPers say if he cannot win a state like VA most of the other swing states must be out of reach.
    Anyway, the ABC needs to lift its game. And it needs to find more than just Republican commentators. ABC’s Craig McMurtrie in Cincinnati must be somehow blinded by the street-level confusion. There seems only two routes for Romney to win. One would be a miracle of incorrect polls/last minute change. The second is a massive voter fraud/post-election fix in Ohio and Florida (and Pennsylvania?). They’d do better by giving Rundle a few minutes on-air!

  5. SKWalter

    I love your writing Guy, the description and dialogue make your articles a truly enjoyable and fascinating read. Keep up the good work!

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