The week was, at least according to the government, given over to the clash of high-minded policy and strategic vision versus muckraking, mendacity and malice. The government wanted to talk about its "Asian Century" white paper and all the opposition wanted to do was continue its fear campaign over the carbon price, talk down the economy and throw mud at the PM.

Luckily the government, which complained about the lack of opposition questions about Asian engagement (it being, Labor now seems to think, the opposition's job to play along with the government's political agenda), was able to fill in the blanks and ask itself plenty of questions about the Asian Century. In fact, they never seemed to shut up about it. The count on "Asian Century" was down to single figures yesterday, but that was by far the lowest of the week.

We're again reminded that, even if it apes the content of Keating Labor's time in government, this mob can't get within cooee of the delivery. Exhibit 1 in the death of conviction politics.