Nov 2, 2012

The era of the readers’ editor … over before it started

You won't see The Sydney Morning Herald second-guessing itself on its op-ed page any more. The paper has ditched its readers' editor position after a little over a year.

Matthew Knott

Former Crikey media reporter

Readers’ editors were all the rage among Australian newspaper bosses not long ago. Herald Sun editor-in-chief Phil Gardner said an ombudsman was on the way for his paper in 2010; staffers at The Age were told the same thing in May 2011.

Neither paper ever got around to doing it. And the one paper that took the exercise relatively seriously, The Sydney Morning Herald, has now ditched the readers’ editor position and will no longer run a regular column critiquing the paper’s coverage.

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6 thoughts on “The era of the readers’ editor … over before it started

  1. Edward James

    News Limited do censor comments from readers. They work around protecting their market share and keeping oxygen away from the inconvenient truth. Edward James 023419140

  2. Peter Shute

    Appointing a journalist as a ‘reader’s editor’ is a bit like the police investigating themselves and not expecting bias.

    Sadly the great Fairfax empire decays bit by bit.

  3. Steve777

    My comments are normally published on the SMH website, The ABC website and others but rarely on the Daily Telegraph. The latter obviously select comments to fit the agenda that they are trying to push.

  4. Edward James

    I learnt to pay and publish my own comments. If for no other reason I do expose the way News Limited and Fairfax still censor what we the peoples write. Edward James

  5. drmick

    When the press has an agenda set by the owner, they make the news, furnish their own “facts” to be repeated endlessly on TV radio and in the paper, pay prostitutes to say what they are told to say, (come to think of it, prostitutes /journalists same same), and even reward their “churnalists” with awards. This is the pathetic state of of play in this country at present. Phone hacking here? Surely not?

  6. Edward James

    Eric Beecher Have the powers that be, used the law to remove the “balls” which Stephen Mayne sold you ? Edward James 0243419140 3 34

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