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Nov 2, 2012

Shifty, sleek and repugnant, and that’s just the computer graphics…

First Dog On The Moon

Crikey cartoonist

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27 thoughts on “Shifty, sleek and repugnant, and that’s just the computer graphics…

  1. paddy

    Doing the velvet bagpipes?!!!
    You’re an absolute mine of appalling similes today FD.

  2. ernmalleyscat

    ewwww, that little tail wag as the little creep mentions pants action (while he’s holding the milk!) is even creepier than the real thing. I’ll imagine that every time I see him from now on.

  3. cyberfysh

    Nicely self-deprecating, Dog: concern about racehorses juxtaposed with bacon and milk, showing that none of us has really clean paws.

  4. Phen

    Do chicks who gamble get loads of sex with hot blokes?

  5. John Bennetts

    I must be dumb… what the dickens does “doing the velvet bagpipes” allude to?

  6. Microseris

    Cyberfysh, (as a vego) I note that pigs and cows are bred for food whilst horses are bred for “entertainment”. But your point is still true.

  7. klewso

    People who gamble to excess (helping to keep the likes of “Tom Thumb” in a manner to which they’ve become accustomed, while putting their kids through Bookies College) know a hundred things they can do with baked beans too.

  8. SBH

    some sort of dasyurid I suppose.

  9. klewso

    Heritage – there’s a fine cotton thread theme going through the family business.
    But it can get hard, you need a bold personality to make it work.

  10. zut alors

    ‘smug, rictus grin’ – full marks, Mr Dog.

    At a pub here in Brisbane they have an annual Oz Day cockroach race. This bloke could be next year’s favourite.