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Nov 1, 2012

Rundle: zombies roam flooded streets, like the near-dead electoral system

Just as the Republicans were opening up their strategy on a larger canvas, they've been hit by the Frankenstorm shambling towards them. Barack Obama is off the campaign trail but front and centre.

Guy Rundle — Correspondent-at-large

Guy Rundle


Rain is lashing Ohio tonight — the outer edges of what remains of Hurricane Sandy are sending driving wind and rain, slate grey skies across the state. It’s bad news for trick-or-treaters, or for their parents more likely. The kids will force them out in all weather for that sweet, sweet candy. Halloween is huge here, an all-encompassing celebration drawing in not only kids, but adults as well.

The holiday has become a time for all to experience a little derangement, a free pass. Usually, it’s the weekend before, with parties everywhere. Used to be it was a continuation or revival of the old fancy dress parties, which largely died out in the ’60s. But then it started to get weird. Zombie walks, werewolf rampages — pub crawls in character, hundreds shambling along the dark streets.

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15 thoughts on “Rundle: zombies roam flooded streets, like the near-dead electoral system

  1. paddy

    [Prosper Obama and his tubster Caliban wandering round the enchanted isle]
    Yet again, line of the day.

  2. Michael


    You lead in with a waffly nonsense story about too much emphasis on US and the follow up with your first story by RUNDLE on US flood & election? Crikey you cannot be taken seriously

  3. Clytie

    If there’s anything left of your brain after this election, Guy, we should probably (re)pickle it.

  4. Modus Ponens

    Is it worth pointing out that the opening editorial today pointed out the fascination with all things US while neglecting everything else, and then Crikey opens with coverage of the US after the weather frenzy?

    Where is the correspondent from the Caribbean?

  5. Mike Smith

    , a spokesperson for GM said that the Republicans had “entered a parallel universe”.

    All I can say is that the Republicans had to go there to be seen to be fighting in the same arena as the Democrats, who have long occupied a parallel universe.

    @Modus: He died around July 2 1961 by his own hand.

  6. Phen

    Michael/Modus – great point.

    As interesting as these articles are – the minutia is largely soap opera stuff. I guess that’s where the opening editiorial falls down – there’s no appetite for people to read endless coverage of Chinese earthquakes, so why would we expect old or new media to focus heavily on it?

  7. Wombat

    @Michael @Modus

    Agree muchly. Silly Crikey. I reckon it’s got less to do with the Yanks being white than it does with them being part of the English speaking world? Anyway, if I wanted coverage of every global tragedy, I’d watch SBS News

  8. Migraine

    Really Mr Rundle, I would have thought you might seize on the undead as icons of consumption, driven by a mindless appetite for brains, blood, iPhones, SUVs … the Left Behind, carrying on nonetheless with everything that makes America America.

  9. Dawn Baker

    Guy, I hope you are right. The sense I’m picking up by osmosis is that Obama is in trouble. Loved the paragraph which began ‘US parties play fast and lose’ – and certainly with the truth such that I’m horrified by the spectacle presented. Bill Maher sums up Fox’s take on the election.


  10. zut alors

    Re Romney’s Jeeps to China ad which Chrysler and General Motors have refuted – nobody who votes for him can’t say they weren’t warned.

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