New South Wales

Nov 1, 2012

Corrupted by cheap cars? NSW Labor men in the dock for day of reckoning

The Independent Commission Against Corruption in NSW will spend five months investigating the deals of former Labor MPs Ian Mcdonald, Eddie Obeid and Eric Roozendaal.

Margot Saville — <em>Crikey</em> Sydney reporter

Margot Saville

Crikey Sydney reporter

The best show in town opened this morning, as the NSW Independent Commission Against Corruption commenced a five-month inquiry into corruption allegations involving three former NSW Labor ministers.

Although this inquiry involves coal mining leases and the gift of a car, these are just the minor manifestations of a culture that infected and ultimately destroyed the NSW Labor government, run by the ruthless “NSW Right” faction under the motto of “whatever it takes.”

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11 thoughts on “Corrupted by cheap cars? NSW Labor men in the dock for day of reckoning

  1. paddy

    A car with bloody cup holders eh?
    Well at least it wasn’t a ute.

  2. klewso

    Did this side-show of theirs provide the initial idea for “Boardwalk Empire”, based on this fiefdom, but they cut out most of the profanity for TV?

  3. Edward James

    Yes it is a lawyers picnic, I am worried about who will pick up their legal bills, after all the appeals have been done and dusted? Edward James

  4. Edward James

    I expect the leases on three Circular Quay food outlets to come up for discussion during this ICAC inquiry. around the time Joe Triup and Q Ball are being question. As ICAC years ago directed those leases need to be put to public tender when it came time to renew them. That was circumvented. I smile when I consider how it seems the Barry O’Farrell government has with opposition assistance regulated the legislation so the same conflicts about putting public properties out to public tender would not trouble James Packer and his casino development. Edward James

  5. zut alors

    J R Ewing’s credo was that successful deals always involved The Three Bs : booty, booze, broads.

  6. MJPC

    Whether it’s Honda CRVs of the past, or Casino licences of the present it’s good to see that shonky NSW Government deals can always be relied upon to form some past of the daily newspaper or media reports.

  7. Peter Ormonde

    OOOh yes please … my immortal soul is quite open to an offer of a Karmann Ghia thanks very much.

    Sad isn’t it that we have such cheap politicians in NSW, with such low expectations and aspirations? What next – Kias?

    When will we ever get crooks with some class?

  8. Edward James

    If some of these people are found guilty of dealing with the proceeds of crime will they loose everything? Edward James

  9. uriah

    how many klms on the clock-what colour-any rust?

  10. Edward James

    There is a something about the black car leaving the scene of an accident. Labor may be able to get a bulk discount on legals. Edward James

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